Kilimanjaro – The Tallest Free-Standing Mountain In The World – And Anyone Can Climb It

A family of elephants in Tarangire National park, Tanzania.

There is something magical about the name “Kilimanjaro”.
Like “Zanzibar” it is a place that many people dream of visiting – just because of its name.
And like Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro is part of the wonderful nation of Tanzania.
A perfect dream vacation would involve trekking to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro –
followed by a period of well earned rest and recuperation in Zanzibar – Wow!
Mount Kilimanjaro is that the tallest free-standing mountain within the world.
It rises 4600m (15,000 ft) from its base, and is the highest peak in Africa at 5,895m (19,340 ft).
Views from the summit square measure nothing wanting spectacular.
Great name, nice statistics –
But the best factor concerning mountain peak is that nearly anyone in affordable health will
Climbing Kilimanjaro it.
You don’t need to be a mountaineer to reach the summit of Africa’s highest mountain.
And on your way to the top, you will see wildlife and scenery that will completely blow your
There are several routes to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. The most popular routes are:-
The Marangu Route
Fairly easy walking on gentle forest paths. Then over some scree to Gillman’s Point on the crater
rim – followed by the final trek to Uhuru Peak.
Accommodation huts, with heating and cooking facilities are dotted along this route –
making it far and away the most comfortable trek on Kilimanjaro.
The Machame and Umbwe Routes

Steep paths through the forest – often wet and boggy, followed by scrambling over scree to the
crater rim.
The Route
Used primarily as the best way to descend from the top of the mountain.
The and Routes
Remote and less frequently used.
The Glades Route
Probably the most beautiful route – and the richest in wildlife.
Getting Here
You can fly to Tanzania from most parts of the world. The best airport to arrive at is
Kilimanjaro International Airport at

This is much closer to the mountain than Dar Es Salaam.
Visit the excellent website for the best advice and information.
Entry Requirements & Visas
All visitors to Tanzania need entry visas.
These can be obtained in your own country, or on arrival at Dar Es Salaam or Kilimanjaro
You will also need proof of enough money for your intended length of stay, and a return ticket.
A Yellow-Fever vaccination certificate is also required to enter Tanzania.
The local currency is the Tanzanian Shilling (TSh) and it can be used for all transactions and
local purchases. Us Dollars are also widely accepted. Credit cards are only OK at large hotels
and restaurants. Cash Points (ATMs) enable money advances – however at a poor rate and with
an extra charge. Travelers Cheques are accepted at large hotels and can be exchanged for local
currency at Bureaux de Change – you’ll need your passport as ID.
As well because the obligatory Yellow-Fever vaccination, it’s a decent plan to require
precautions against protozoal infection.
Consult your doctor about the best malaria prevention tablets.
Make sure you have sufficient medical insurance.
Take plenty of mosquito-repellent and use it – especially at night.
I would also recommend that you consider getting the following immunisations:

  • Hepatitis A & B, * Typhoid, * Cholera, * Tetanus
    Check with your local doctor for the latest recommendations.
    Altitude Sickness
    Caused by the inability to adjust to sudden gains in altitude.
    Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is experienced by most climbers, and is more of an irritation
    than a danger. But it will be much more serious in some folks – even (on rare occasions) resulting
    in fatal Oedemas. Gaining altitude slowly is the best way to go – leave the rushing to the experts.

Serious symptoms are very rare – but the risk must be taken seriously.
My best advice is to consult with your doctor before deciding to Climbing Kilimanjaro .
And book your trek with an experienced and reputable company – one with full medical
This obviously costs more than a stroll up the hill with some stranded hippie who happens to
know the way!
Mount Kilimanjaro, even though it is accessible to everybody, must be treated with respect.
Sunstroke and Frostbite!
You will be at risk of both as you make your way up Kilimanjaro. This is possibly the only
location on Earth where you can experience every climate on the planet – in one place!
Mount Kilimanjaro is very close to the Equator – so the start of your climb will be very hot.
But the summit experiences Arctic temperatures – even in mid-summer.
A reputable tour company will ensure that you know exactly what to expect.
Taken from The Top Ten Site “Top Ten Africa Vacations.”
Visit The Top Ten Site to see all of the reviews – with some wonderful pictures!

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