Laszlo Nagy: The Hungarian style is an alloy, we also use it against the French

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At the men’s world handball championship, getting into the top four is at stake, after 2017 and 2013, the Hungarian national team will try again to be among the four best teams in the world. Four years ago the Norwegians beat me smoothly (31-28), eight years ago there was no big battle with the Danes either, the result of 28-26 was favorable for us. We were still in the top eight in 2011, but then the management system was different, there was no direct duel for getting into the four. The evaluations are not yet time-consuming, but it is encouraging that the team has reached a quarter-final four times out of the last 6 world competitions, but has failed in the two pre-Olympic World Cups (2015 and 2019).

At the previous World Cup, a bronze medal against the French will be needed on Wednesday night, everyone knows and feels this, and as Miklós Rosta put it on Tuesday, they do not think that they have not reached the goal, but they are hungry and why they can’t defeat the flawless French. if you have already succeeded the Germans in the last seconds (29-28) or the Poles (30-26).

In Wednesday’s quarter-finals, the Hungarian team is not the chance, but the French can surprise the French with a sufficiently tight and hard defense, goalkeeper feats, and then a quick end to the attack. (The match starts at 20.30) The ones just listed may be the prerequisites for a good start. And if you have it, it’s easier to play.

The French burned down at last year’s European Championships, followed immediately by a coach, and the new captain, Olympic and world champion Guillame Gilles, obviously wants to introduce himself with a medal.

This match is also special for the French Kentin Mahe, because he is the manager of Veszprém. He showed extra solutions at the World Cup, played successfully, but sometimes gave passes that his peers didn’t expect. The other manager of Veszprém, Máté Lékai, was also a winning man several times, and their duel promises to be special.

I asked László Nagy, a member of the Hungarian professional staff, before the match, what is the Hungarian style? He replied that in recent years he could not define what the Hungarian style, the Spanish knows a little. The game of the current Hungarian team, on the other hand, is based on an alloy.

László Nagy and Chema Rodriguez assist the work of the captain, István Gulyás – Photo: MTI / Tamás Vasvári

“We have a Scandinavian fitness coach, without setbacks, quick recaps, today’s accelerated handball no longer works, the high pace needs to be picked up in this element of the game and forced on the team. In addition, we have a strong, tall and skilled stand that characterized the Spaniards.

We have high shooters traditionally, so to speak: they are our heavy bombers. We can also build on the relationship and cooperation of the standers and the shooters. This alloy must be used well, properly blended, and developed to the maximum not only now against the French, but always. ”

said Big.

In 1999, both Nagy and Gulyás played in Egypt with the French, and the final game was incredibly exciting in that match. At the time, getting into the top eight was at stake, along with Olympic participation in Sydney. The goalkeeper was taken down during the last Hungarian attack, which was not as common a game element as it is now. László Sótonyi equalized, but the French took advantage of the empty goal, loosely passed the ball from the middle start and won 24-23. The then manager of the team, Gulyás, made one hit at the age of 18, which was already flashing among adults.

István Gulyás next to the small bench – Photo: AFP / Anne Christine Poujoulat

“I thought about this match a long time ago, but it occurred to me yesterday, even though we played not here but in Port Said. I say without the slightest intention of personality, Bene Tomi ran past the ball at the midfield of the French, we were knocked out. Well, we hope luck turns now, and if we haven’t managed to play the semi-finals with the Swedes anymore, the boys do. I would like to take part in such a time trip, ”Gulyás concluded.


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