Launch of a new garage by Elite Wheels & Tyres Limited

Readings UK, 13rd March 2020: Elite Wheels & Tyres Limited do not need any introduction. It is one of the leading tyre garages in the town. Other than offering a wide range of branded car tyres like Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli, Dunlop, Firestone, Bridgestone, Hankook, Michelin; Elite Wheels & Tyres Limited also offer various services at their garages. With the same professional dedication, Elite Wheels & Tyres Limited proudly introduce the launch of one more garage in Readings UK. Multiple advantages are associated with a garage that is nearby your home or office. One more garage will be of great help for all the people residing or working around it. The services offered by the newly opened garage are wheel alignment, engine replacement, regular servicing, auto repair, etc.

Laser wheel alignment

Elite Wheels & Tyres Limited provide the service of wheel alignment at all the garages. Wheel alignment refers to correcting the angle of your car’s wheel and aligning them to adequate proportion. You do not have to take your car a long way to avoid a series of problems because of improper alignment in the vehicle because now it is located in the area of your convenience.

Every one of us knows that proper alignment is constructive in saving money. An improperly aligned vehicle also consumes more fuel than required, and it also has the potential to create an adverse impact on the treads of the tyres Reading. It also makes the tyres get worn out unevenly. But you do not have to worry, just go to the new garage of Elite Wheels & Tyres Limited in Reading.

Oil change

Oil change is also one of the services offered by Elite Wheels & Tyres Limited. Out of different fluids necessary to run the vehicle, oil is one of the most important fluids. Its ignorance can even lead to getting the engine out of order. The function of the oil is too cool down the engine and keep it working when you take it on a long drive.

Elite Wheels & Tyres Limited recommends timely oil change to avoid any discrepancies. It should be done once every 6 months or whenever it is recommended by your car manufacturer. The purity of the oil is responsible for the excellent performance of the engine. Metal shavings can contaminate the oil and make it less effective. Therefore, regular oil change is a good habit.

Mechanical repair

A vehicle is a marvel of experts, but it needs repair. Elite Wheels & Tyres Limited is always ready to serve you. Don’t waste your time if your vehicle is facing any problem, immediately go to the newly opened garage of Elite Wheels & Tyres Limited. It covers malfunctioning wipers, faulty brakes, faulty steering system, tyre blowouts, broken tail lights, and headlights, etc. Your job is only to bring your vehicle to the garage, and your problems will be solved in the blink of an eye.

Wheel balancing

Readings UK’s experienced team can fix the problem of your car’s wheel imbalance in no time. It is about distributing the weight of the tyre and wheel evenly among themselves so all four of them work in proportion. It is done through managing the surface area that touches the road. It should mainly be done after fitting new tyres to the vehicle.

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