Learn To Get A California Drivers License With Professional Guidance

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It is an exciting experience to tell others that “I know to drive and have the Californian driving license“. If you are in your teens and have just turned 18, it is much more exciting to have the chance to get behind the wheel training in California. Often what happens is the teenagers might be confused as to where to go for professional driving training and guidance. There are plenty of authorized training institutes in California to get the training done both online and on the road.

In the state of California, there is no minimum age requirement to get involved in the driving education program. It requires one to get signed up in the online education program at any age before 18. The Californian Government strongly instructs that one must complete the knowledge portion of training with any DMV-licensed professional driving school before taking up the learners permit test. There are many norms before one is ready to take up the actual driving test. The student will be able to sit for this test in the stipulated time only if they have completed both online and classroom training. To enable them to prepare well for the test they must get the training from a DMV licensed instructor. After the student has successfully passed the California drivers ed online test and has obtained the certificate, they are now ready to take the behind the wheel training.

The driving school you choose must be something which you must do with careful supervision. Only thing that you must consider carefully before choosing the school is that they must be a DMV-certified Driving School. Your parents can help you with this or if any of your friends have prior experience, based on their recommendation you may proceed further to do your behind the wheel training with a defensive driving instructor in California. LA Excel Driving School located in the heartland of Murrieta, California is a DMV Licensed driving professional instructor with years of experience to boast. LA Excel driving school offers an extensive educational program which includes drivers education online or in the classroom and behind the wheel training with a very competitive rate.

Behind the Wheel Education Program

Once you obtain your learner’s permit you are contacted to schedule behind the wheel training with us. You will be picked up from your home or school to start your training. These lessons are personalized one-on-one professional driving instruction with DMV-certified instructors. These behind the wheel trainings are scheduled in three two hour sessions.

During the behind-the-wheel training program, the students spend a minimum of six hours with the licensed driving instructor in a car equipped with dual brakes for safety. Students are then required to take their first lesson with a certified instructor to validate their permit and within six months to complete the additional hours as well as 50 hours of practice driving with their parent or individual over 25 years of age.

During these sessions, the instructor will be going over the new driver safety training course lessons and teach the students to become a safe, defensive driver. This driving instruction also includes specific work to prepare you to pass the final DMV driving road test. LA Excel Driving School is specialized in driving with nervous students and assists them with overcoming any fears to become a safe, confident driver.

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