Legal Translation Services in Dubai

“Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.” well said by Patrick Rothfuss.

Language is the basic need of human beings to live a social life, to survive, to express their emotions, and to communicate. People don’t speak the same language all over the world. Even some languages have so many dialects in them. To talk or to convey your thoughts to people who speak different languages is a huge barrier. 

The modern global era we are living in has no boundaries. People live and work in the countries which suit them the most that give birth to a multilingual society. And translation service becomes a definite requirement and the only solution to this language barrier.

You live in a foreign country for studies, business, or any other purpose, definitely you have to deal with socio-cultural requirements along with legal and immigration issues. And if you don’t know the official language of that country, you can face the music. In the UAE every official or legal document must be in Arabic. Visitors and tourists speaking other languages need legal translation services in Dubai for an authentic transition of their documents in Arabic.

What is a legal translation?

Legal translation is used to translate law and court documents that are interpreted by specialist law translators. Contracts, licenses, immigration papers, litigation documents, corporate documents, case reports, summons, judgments, wills, witness statements, appeals, and trusts are the legalized documents to be translated by a certified court translator.

Language localization is required in legitimate text transitions also. As the law is a cultural subject and jargon and vocabulary of law differ in every culture. So the translator must have the cultural awareness of that particular area. Moreover, lawful translation doesn’t depend on linguistic transparency, but the consistency, clarity, and accuracy is the initial requirement that can be fulfilled by keeping in mind the context of the whole text having no ambiguity. Any misinterpretation can cause a miscarriage of justice and a loss of money also.

Qualities of a good legal translator

  • Court texts can’t be translated word for word which makes it completely understandable.
  • Law translator faces a challenge to be acquainted with both the source and target language along with being familiar with nuances of law and cultures of both the regions where these languages are spoken.
  • He must have a strong command of the law and legal systems and knows the particular legalese. 
  • Court and law scripts must be translated by court interpreters who spend most of their time in courts and the legal world having good practice and knowledge of
  • Speed is also required while translating for attorneys and ambassadors.
  • Court documents are mostly highly confidential and the translators must have to be reliable enough for the purpose. 

Final words

Saying of  George Orwell  “ if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought” is quite suitable as long as translation service is concerned. Because a minor mistake or mistranslated term can lead to a worse loss of someone’s reputation, career, and life also. So it’s very significant to hire a certified expert and professional legal translator for the purpose.

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