ATL, Inc. Project group comprised of three programmers and a task director. ATL, Inc. engineers introduced the server and the necessary programming. The designers worked intimately with the research facility to guarantee that there would be negligible effect on the everyday lab activities during the establishment. The venture administrator was liable for guaranteeing that outsider programming and equipment items were followed through on schedule and liberated from surrenders.

Following the design of the server and establishment of the product who detail can be got from Baytek International, ATL, Inc. programmers investigated the custom reports that were needed by the research center and evaluated the prerequisites for reconciliation with the Washington Aqueduct SCADA information base.

The LIMS arrangement was carried out in stages. Stage one comprised of gaining all the fundamental equipment and programming for the task, as indicated previously. When the different parts showed up, they were examined and introduced at the Washington Aqueduct research center. Once more, the concentration during this time was the setup and establishment of the server, Sample Master®Pro LIMS, and related programming. Yield records were gathered from instruments that should have been coordinated with the LIMS. The necessary programming for the information lumberjacks, two handheld units (Intermec) that permit field laborers the capacity to gather field information and transfer that information to the LIMS, was introduced. Figure 5 shows the arrangement of Sample Master® Pro LIMS.

The schematic portrays a customer/server design of Sample Master® Pro LIMS.

During the establishment, ATL, Inc. engineers had everyday gatherings with the Washington Aqueduct staff to audit errands for every day and to guarantee that the suitable workforce would be accessible for specific assignments, for example, the IT workforce was needed to give network access during establishment. Custom report prerequisites were painstakingly audited with the proper staff before creation.


The focal point of the subsequent stage was instrument coordination. An aggregate of five instruments was interfaced with Sample Master®Pro LIMS: They are portrayed in the table underneath. The advantages of instrument joining incorporated the accompanying: a decrease in record blunders, expansion in computerization, expansion in information exactness, and expanded throughput. These outcomes met the Washington Aqueduct lab’s unique objectives and destinations. The expense investment funds alone supported the incorporation of instruments to Sample Master®Pro LIMS.

An examination of the instrumentation in the Washington Aqueduct Laboratory was coordinated with LIMS.

At last, there was a check testing and preparing stage. In confirmation, the LIMS coaches and research center workforce audited the elements and elements of the framework, using an agenda to guarantee that every one of the parts of the establishment was set up and working likewise. The motivation behind this was to show the execution and usefulness of the framework. Then, the data set heads and end clients were prepared. Client manuals and manager guides were accommodated exhaustive preparing nearby.

This preparation incorporated all gear and materials that would be fundamental in the activity use and upkeep of the LIMS. Course diagrams were accommodated framework chairmen just as end clients and included general programming components so the understudy was equipped for making as well as altering reports. Clients were additionally welcomed to partake in follow-up instructional classes presented by the LIMS seller and to go to client bunch gatherings to consistently find out with regards to new elements and stay informed concerning the most recent innovation improvements.


This was a continuous period of the venture that followed establishment and beginning confirmation testing. The motivation behind this period was for the Washington Aqueduct Laboratory staff to use the framework without the actual presence of Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc. engineers, yet with complimentary phone help to the clients of the framework.

There was a four-month execution period, during which the end clients got comfortable with the LIMS since it was a change from the past manual framework. On June 15-16, 2001, Washington Aqueduct Laboratory finished the last acknowledgment testing period of the undertaking and is encountering huge robotization benefits with the execution of the LIMS.


The choice and establishment of a LIMS have brought about numerous information the executives and mechanization enhancements in the Washington Aqueduct research center. There is currently a full chain of care, review trail, and numerous quality control upgrades that help the lab in its everyday information the executive’s challenges.

By restricting clients to tests and techniques on pull-down records, instrument combination, and mentioning that clients sign onto the framework with the client name and secret word, there is a more significant level of information respectability. Instrument joining has essentially decreased the measure of time examiners commit to the information section. Preceding the LIMS, a section of VOC information (60+ boundaries per test) would require hours. Since instrument joining, the information section has been decreased to the audit of the information and bringing it into the LIMS, a cycle that has saved a sum of five hours of the week in examiner time. Record mistakes are killed.

Examiners’ time once spent entering information would now be able to be committed to different assignments like new technique advancement. Direct information passage related to the Dionex Ion Chromatograph 500 alone has saved five hours of the week, which intensifies the time and proficiency reserve funds experienced by the experts and the research center.

Before execution of the lims, reports were produced on a week after week to semi-month to month premise. Test Master®Pro LIMS has been arranged for programmed reportage so that reports are consequently printed once the research center supervisor has endorsed test results. The turnaround season of reports has been enormously diminished from 10 hours out of each week to around 4-5 hours of the week.


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