Magyar Posta: from Thursday, post offices will give priority to those over 65 at the opening

From Thursday, all post offices in the country will give priority to service to people over the age of 65 within one hour of opening, so seniors are advised to arrive immediately after opening and ask other customers for patience, Magyar Posta told MTI on Wednesday.



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Also due to the coronavirus epidemic, in order to reduce the risk of infection, Magyar Posta reintroduces the individual waiting system, according to which only as many customers as there are server counters can be in the customer space at a time. Others are asked to wait at least 1.5 meters apart in front of the entrance. The entry and management of customers will be assisted, where necessary, by a postal employee.


    Magyar Posta will continue to maintain the protection measures previously taken: postal staff will hand over items requiring personal collection by contactless delivery, presenting identification data instead of a signature. The use of masks is mandatory at post offices, delivery, in factories and offices, and at our large number of sites, body temperature measurements are regular upon arrival – read the company’s announcement.

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