Makeup for Christmas: the best gift ideas for Xmas 2020

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Thinking of the perfect gift to give your influencer friend? Or your sister who loves collecting make-up material? How about a gift package that contains all the make-up material you could ask for? With Christmas looming in view with every passing day, you could kill two birds with one stone and just shop for Xmas gifts at a makeup shop. Christmas makeup: that’s what you need.

From killer red shades of lipstick to the best makeup sponges, you include a whole lot of stuff in your makeup gift package for Christmas. There are many brands, and many people prefer a singular brand of makeup which they like to use. Keep in mind the makeup preference of the person you’re sending the gift; if they prefer A and you get them B, well, it won’t be too good a gift, especially for Christmas.

Following are a few ideas that can help you prepare a list of options and companies that you can buy from and then shape it into a Christmas makeup gift package. Your friends and family will love the gifts, the thought and the care you’ve put into selecting the makeup packages and will surely appreciate the whole idea.

MAC’s make-up gift bag

MAC is the world’s biggest and among the best make-up companies in the world. It manufactures a range of make-up items; from lipsticks to lip glosses to eyeliners. They usually put up huge discounts before Christmas and also sell packages of Christmas makeup shaped as beautiful little gift boxes that don’t even need to be wrapped or packed. For your influencer friend, they have a complete package of the necessary items of makeup; blush-on, make-up sponges and lipsticks and a whole range of other material. MAC has a good brand appeal and will also cater to the brand-conscious people, who put the brand first and the make-up later.

Kat Von D Christmas makeup gift pack

Kat Von D is to make-up what Rolls Royce is to cars. The simple fact is that even the logo etched on a simple make-up brush can make your friend leap with joy. Their products are costly; a gift pack can set you back a couple of hundred dollars. But with Christmas nearing and people rummaging through items to pack for gifts, Von D also slashes its prices a bit and makes it affordable for good friends like you to buy the gift pack for others. This Christmas make-up gift pack will surely excite and surprise your friends and family.

L’Oreal Paris make-up gift bag for Christmas

L’Oreal is yet another big player in the make-up industry. Based in the fashion capital of the world (Paris), L’Oreal always has the best styles, the best colours and the best shades to offer. Like everybody else on this list, it also offers Christmas makeup packages that you can buy off Amazon and other retailing websites. If you buy it through a shop, they’ll even gift wrap it for you. Of course, you can always buy the items separately and throw it in a wrapped box, but the brand appeal of L’Oreal makes it hard for any person to resist even the package.

DIY make-up packages: best Christmas make-up gifts

Do-it-yourself make-up packages are the best choice for Christmas make-up gift packages; they are relatively cheap, give you a lot of freedom on where to buy and what to buy and are endlessly customisable. For friends who don’t follow brands, a DIY Christmas makeup kit is the best option; you can buy makeup items separately and just arrange them neatly in a beautiful gift box. Your Christmas make-up gift box is ready for your best friend.

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