Michelin Tyres – Putting Your car’s Best Foot Forward!

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In 1894 when French cartoonist Marius Rossillon designed the world-famous Michelin man also known as the Bibendum, he fittingly birthed the phrase “To your health, the Michelin tyre drinks up obstacles”! A century later, Michelin tyres still stand true to their claim and are one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world with careful regard to the highest quality and road safety.Michelin tyres have developed and designed around 3500 types of tyres for diversified vehicles ranging from bicycles, cars to airplanes and even space shuttles. Time and again, they have proven that innovation might be a gradual process but the results are quite revolutionary!

Making the Human Mobility More Efficient

It is not just about making tyres, Michelin believes in safer, better and greener mobility for a far-reaching human advancement. Because road safety isn’t a joke and tyres are practically our limbs on the road, therefore it becomes vital to choose wisely. So, if you are looking to invest in second hand or new Michelin tyres in Auckland for your cars, here’s why Michelin is totally worth your money –

 Radial Force Variation

Michelin tyres experience the least Radial Force Variation (RFV), a property that affects a tyre’s steering, braking, traction and load-support. This is because Michelin tyres are more round under the load. This property is also responsible for a smoother ride experience and low noise emission.

 Longer Tread Life

All Michelin tyres come with an extraordinary tread pattern design that adapts better to the road surface and lasts longer. This also ensures a shorter braking distance while driving. Even at higher speeds, a superior road-contact cover is ensured.

Resistance to Aquaplaning

Many designs of the latest Michelin models deploy a Green X low resistance technology which is a type of silica compound that provides that perfect grip in both wet and dry conditions.

 Long Tyre Life

Longevity is a major concern while looking to buy new tyres for your car. Michelin tyres come with rigid tread blocks that safeguard the car tyres against wear and tear, thereby increasing its life. Not many people are aware but there are strict penalties for driving a bald tyre.

Energy Efficient

Michelin has introduced its latest line of energy saving and fuel-efficient models that are made of full silica compounds that reduce the friction between the tyre rubber and the road, significantly lowering the fuel consumption without compromising traction.Be it road safety, comfort or true value for your money; investing in a good tyre is an important decision and procuring from a reputed & authorized tyre shop in Auckland would make a whale of a difference.

 Stay Away from the Counterfeits

Saving a few dollars in the bargain basement might seem quite appealing especially when for every tyre out there you might find a cheaper imitation somewhere else; but when the cost is your life, a little mindfulness goes a long way. How can you tell the fake ones from the genuine players? Follow these simple pointers to ensure you don’t take the beating over a bogus purchase!

Name Misspelt

If you look hard and carefully, you might find the brand name misspelt or words misplaced. Use the power of the internet to search and decode the markings and codes on the tyre to understand its Genuity

Tread Depth

All genuine tyres have to follow a legal requirement to design the permissible tread depth. If the tread depth is less than what the manufacturer has quoted then that’s a huge red flag

Dodgy Dealers

Stay away from unreliable dealers and always insist on knowing all manufacturing details such as warranties, date of manufacture, genuine company seal and all the required paperwork

Here’s hoping now you’ll be able to literally ‘kick the tyres’ while making your next purchase!

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