Mihaly Varga: five more Hungarian companies are implementing investments in the healthcare industry

With the support of the government, 5 more Hungarian companies will start investing in the healthcare industry, worth HUF 3.3 billion, the Minister of Finance said in a video uploaded to Facebook on Friday.

About Hungary - Mihály Varga

Image source: koronavirus.gov.hu

Mihály Varga added that this time the production of vitamins, including vitamin D, disinfectant raw materials, masks and packaging materials, nurse call systems and 3D-printed medical devices, will be supported from budget sources. The Ministry of Finance launched the health industry support program in the summer, in which 11 Hungarian companies have already launched investments totaling HUF 10 billion. The aim of the program is to buy as few health care products from abroad as possible, the minister said, saying that the importance of self-sufficiency became clear during the first wave of the epidemic, because when these products are most needed, it is difficult to obtain and their prices are also rising significantlyMihály Varga emphasized that the supported investments serve the safe supply of the Hungarian people, they also help protect jobs and relaunch the economy. The list of investments in the health industry is available on the website of the Ministry of Finance, the head of the ministry said.

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