MTU: Accommodation providers can already claim 80 percent support after their missed bookings

From now on, accommodation providers can reclaim 80 percent of their loss of revenue for their bookings between November 11 and December 10. Stakeholders can apply for the support through the interface of the National Tourism Data Center (NTAK) by filling in an electronic form, which will be disbursed by the Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ) later this year, MTÜ told MTI on Thursday.



The statement recalls that the government has once again taken immediate steps to help the tourism sector, and a few days after the prime minister’s announcement, detailed rules for applying for the aid were published at night. Compensation will be paid to all accommodations registered with NTAK if at least one booking has been received by November 8 for the period between November 11 and December 10. The recoverable amount is 80 percent of the net revenue from fixed bookings. The aid is conditional on the workers not being made redundant and the workers receiving their pay for this period.


    Completing the electronic form is easy, it requires only a few clicks on the NTAK interface, there are 30 days to apply, and the payment will be made by December 31 at the latest. In order to pay as quickly as possible, it is recommended that applications be submitted by December 20, they wrote.

    László Lengid, Deputy CEO of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, said in the statement: it is in the interest of all of us that as many service providers as possible can continue their activities and that accommodation establishments should continue to be competitive players in relaunched tourism. As a result of the current measures, thousands of tourism businesses will receive billions of forints in support. He added that this will help preserve jobs, keep professionals working there on the field. The government’s support for tourism has so far approached HUF 700 billion in total, exceeding EUR 2 billion, which is also outstanding in international comparison, he said.
    More information on applying for, using and settling the support can be found at

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