Must-Have Apps for Android Smartphones

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If you have an Android-powered smartphone, then you have probably spent some time browsing through the Play store to find apps and games for you to use.

There are literally millions of apps available for Android phones, and the number of choices can leave a lot of users confused over which app is best for them and their needs. This list of the best ‘must-have’ apps for Android smartphones should help any smartphone user – no matter how experienced – to find the right apps for a number of different tasks. Get the most out of your smartphone with some, or all, of the apps on our list.

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  • Pixtica
  • CCleaner
  • WhatsApp


This excellent app is a great replacement for your phone’s default camera app. Pixtica has all the functionality you would expect from a camera phone application, and a lot more.

It is filled with features like filters, panoramic modes, and even a gif recorder which can be very handy if you are active on social media. Its interface is simple and intuitive which helps the app surpass many default phone camera apps that can be poorly designed or difficult to operate. It is just as good for video as it is for still pictures, and seamlessly switches between modes.

Its main features are free to use, but if you want to get the most out of the app you will have to pay a small monthly subscription. Very few phone apps are worth paying for every month, but Pixtica is definitely worth it if you take lots of pictures and vi deos on your phone.


This ‘one-click’ phone maintenance app helps keeps any phone operating at peak performance. If you have a top of the range, premium smartphone like the TCL 10L then you should have an app like this to make sure it is operating at its best.

This one app has a lot of features, including an app manager and file cleaner, but its one-click maintenance feature is the highlight. You can place a button on your phone screen that lets you complete a number of important maintenance tasks with just one click, making phone maintenance quicker and easier than ever before.


This app is one of the most widely used in the world and became so popular that Facebook paid some big bucks to buy the company and add the app to its stable.

Every minute of every day, millions of messages are being exchanged over WhatsApp as it has quickly become the most popular way for people to keep in touch with one another. The app works over multiple platforms, so no matter what type of phone your friends and family use, you can stay in touch. You can send files, music, pictures, and videos as well as text messages, and its simple blue ticks by its messages help you know when your posting has been received and viewed by the recipient.

These apps should have a place on every smartphone. With this combination of killer apps, you will be able to keep in contact with all of your family and friends, take great pictures, and keep your phone running quickly and in the best condition possible.

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