National Chief Medical Officer: Vaccination of health workers will begin on December 27th

Vaccination of healthcare workers against coronavirus will begin at the South Pest Central Hospital on December 27, the national chief medical officer said at an online press conference of the operative strain responsible for controlling the coronavirus epidemic on Wednesday.

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Cecília Müller explained: on December 26, as every EU member state, including Hungary, will receive 10,000 vaccines. 
    He said a description of the vaccine had arrived on Tuesday, containing information needed to inform patients and the vaccination technique. 
    Regarding the course of vaccination, he explained: at vaccination sites, the vaccinee will first receive full information and then fill in a health questionnaire and a consent form; the patient then receives the vaccine, after which it is observed for 20 minutes; vaccinated persons will receive a vaccination certificate card with their details, the number of vaccinations and when to apply for the second vaccination for protection.
    After administration of the vaccine, local reactions – pain, redness, swelling – may occur and resolve on their own. Very rarely, lymph node swelling, muscle pain, or possibly fever may occur, which will disappear with paracetamol tablets. Rest after vaccination is recommended, hard physical work is not recommended – said the expert.
    The vaccine is not yet recommended for pregnant women or those who plan to have a child within 2-3 months, the chief physician said.
    According to the manufacturer, the vaccine will continue to arrive in the country. Already after the holidays, a larger number of health workers can be vaccinated, then employees of social institutions, residents, members of law enforcement agencies, said Cecília Müller.
    He asked everyone to take the opportunity, as there is a high degree of confidence in vaccinations in Hungary. As he said, he has been able to get rid of many infectious diseases in the past precisely thanks to vaccinations.
    Cecilia Müller addressed also to the -n has more than 300 thousand occurred vaccine against the coronavirus, and more and more people returned to the post office received registration materials. He added that this makes vaccination predictable.
    Kindergarten and school staff will be at until 12 noon on December 30thcan book an online appointment for group coronavirus testing at 99 sampling points nationwide on January 2 and 3. The chief physician advised those involved to do the same, recalling that in previous group testing, there was a 2 percent positivity rate among asymptomatic educators.
    Speaking about epidemiological data, he said, the number of new infections has been stagnant for days, declining slightly. In the last 24 hours, 1894 new Hungarian citizens were diagnosed with coronavirus infection, which increased the number of identified infections to 308,262. The number of tests performed exceeds 2.5 million. The majority of 154 died were elderly, chronic patients, but among those who died, there were again young people, including a 29-year-old patient. 6,727 coronavirus patients are hospitalized, 495 of whom are on ventilators.
    Responding to a question, he said those who caused the infection to cause severe, moderate symptoms, needed hospital treatment, would be recalled for control by health facilities so that they could intervene if any complications occurred.
    Cecília Müller drew attention to the fact that if someone notices the symptoms caused by the coronavirus in themselves, call their family doctor or the central general medical service during the on-call period. In case of shortness of breath or other threatening condition, ambulances should be called.
    The specialist said that after the first vaccination, protection gradually develops, and a second vaccination is needed to confirm this. Full protection develops around the seventh day after the second vaccination. Hygiene rules should be followed even after the first vaccination. If someone has an acute illness, they should not receive the second vaccination.


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