New educational institutions are being disinfected by the army

This week, the Armed Forces will disinfect another 16 educational institutions during the protection against the coronavirus epidemic, said the commander of the 93rd Sándor Petőfi Chemical Defense Battalion of the Hungarian Armed Forces, when the soldiers carried out the biological clearance of the Köbánya Tiny House Kindergarten in Budapest on Tuesday.



János Miklovich reminded that the army had already taken its share of the epidemic from the first wave of the epidemic. In addition to disinfecting nursing homes and social institutions, they also performed border insurance tasks and controlled transit traffic.
At the same time, he continued, the army will do everything in its power to protect the Hungarian people in the second wave of the epidemic.
Therefore, in addition to nursing homes and social institutions, by the end of October, disinfection was carried out in 59 educational institutions, covering an area of ​​more than 350 thousand square meters. 109 soldiers took part in the work, he listed.
In addition, the task of the army was supplemented by the provision of hospitals, helping the work of medical personnel, he added.

He also spoke about the biological decontamination of the institution with five ozone generators in the kindergarten. The equipment destroys viruses and bacteria in the air and on the surfaces, the colonel explained.
It was also reported that during the first wave of the epidemic, 1,129 nursing homes and social institutions were disinfected by the military, and another 30 nursing homes have recently been designated by the national chief medical officer for re-disinfection.

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