No time for a full work out? Here are 5 quick exercises you can do to kick start your day

Considering the viewpoint that physical fitness and mental well being are closely connected; we can look for a one-stop solution from Iron Chest Master. It is a complete exercise solution that will support several core areas like the chest, shoulder, and back. The primary objective is to achieve maximum flexibility and strength building using the right exercising machinery. Here is a set of 5 quick exercises that can kickstart your day.


Push up – A pushup is a great muscle-building exercise that completely uses bodyweight. A pushup machine is an ideal exercising partner for all fitness enthusiasts. Apart from giving a full-body workout, they help in minimizing injuries caused due to improper posture, pose, and expansions. It is very important for all fitness enthusiasts to choose the right push up machine or push up equipment for the best injury-free workouts.


Parallel bar Exercises –The parallel bar exercises offer a great chest workout. The parallel bar exercises focus on building core body strength and exhibit strong capability in terms of increasing core muscle strength, better physical stamina, and less body fat within a short period of time. Chest workout is done best with the help of parallel bar equipment. Any pushup machine can be very effective in giving you the ultimate workout for your body and give you the appropriate strength building.


Some of the long term benefits of workouts and core body strength development


Less time and more workout – We face this common problem every day. We just cannot find more time for our workout regime. Hence, we need to take the help of machinery like push up equipment. The use of proper scientific machinery reduces the time needed for workout and minimizes the chances of accidents and injuries. We understand that many of our fitness enthusiasts are injury-prone. Hence, it is very important for them to use the correct machinery to maximize the results of the workout.


More muscular strength – Greater muscular strength can be achieved by using the correct workout equipment. At the end of the day, any workout regime aims to enhance the fitness level of the practitioner. Building core muscle strength is one of the biggest advantages of daily workouts. We always recommend good fitness supervision or the right workout machinery to maximize results and minimize injuries.

Low body fat – Intense workouts help in reducing the overall fat level of the body. With reducing fat levels, your flexibility and fitness level also increases drastically. Today, we are living in an era where people are suffering from the side effects of extra body fat. This is mainly due to sedentary lifestyle habits and lack of proper diet and nutrition. We tend to eat a lot but do not know how to eat right.


More physical strength – The reduction of body weight, fat, and increase of muscle buildup gives you more physical strength. We are trying wholeheartedly to build more physical strength and a proper workout session is the best way to do it. Again, we would like to assert that the best results can be achieved through guided workout routines especially with the assistance of high-end workout machinery. Remember to do it right and reap the benefits of exercising regularly for the best physique.


The modern workout machinery is designed with exclusive technology called Arc Movement® Mechanism, which is pivoted on the muscle and joint mechanism of the human body. The end result of workout using dedicated machinery is efficient, effective, safe & reliable. This machine will help you maximize inner strength while building and chiseling your chest, shoulders, arms, and abs – to get you in your best shape.


We wish all our patrons to understand the importance of regular workouts and perform to the best of their abilities and get a very healthy and strong body with the help of regular exercises. Take the help of trainers or the right exercising equipment. 


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