Not all orthotics and arch supports are made equal.

I have been evaluating the orthotics clients bring in and quickly became frustrated with foot orthoics claiming arch support but not actually providing true arch suppport. Proper bio-mechanically correct foot/arch support can make a profound, lasting positive health difference. These are the top five points when considering your next foot orthotic.

  1. Are the orthotics made from a cast of how your foot is or how your foot should be?
  2. Does the casting method allow a perfect capture your ideal foot posture?
  3. Are your orthotics calibrated for your weight and activity level.
  4. Will every phase of your step have perfect arch support and foot posture.
  5. How long will your orthotics last?

To have perfect arch support at all times can make dramatic positive changes to your feet, bunions, ankles, knees hips, low back and even the upper back and neck.¬†Since bone remodels over time according to the stresses applied, using these orthotics long-term can make dramatic changes in your body’s overall bone, foot, ankle, knee, hip, pelvis function. Every pair of shoes will start feeling like they are made perfectly for your feet.

Test if your orthotics or inserts are working:

With true arch and foot posture support, your entire structure is supported when ever you are weight bearing, walking or running. Proper arch support requires an aggressive arch that actually stands up to weight bearing forces. To test your existing arch suport or insert, press the arch support down with your fingers. If you can push down or squeeze the arch, it is simply not doing an effective job at supporting your arch while you are standing, walking or running.

With an aggressive, proper arch support there is an initial adjustment period (usually lasting 3-4 weeks), in which you will feel pressure under your arch. During this time, the ligaments and muscles of the feet and lower leg will accommodate and learn ideal foot posture. After about 4 weeks, muscle and ligament memory takes over and your feet simply work better. You will be surprised when walking bare foot and you notice your feet maintaining their arch even without the orthotic. This is the point where lasting foot orthotic benefit is realized.

These types of orthotics are great for anyone on their feet. Athletes, runners, walkers, even office jobs and homemakers. If you walk in this world, chances are you would benefit from an orthotic that can perfectly preserve and support your unique ideal foot posture. imagine every pair of shoes fitting perfectly and every step you take supporting your entire body. This is possible and truly affordable with modern custom foot orthotic technology.


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