Not Evolutionary But Revolutionary Designs for Small Electric Cars



Electric cars are a turning point in the automotive industry, and they hold a spectrum of benefits in the coming future. And it could be observed from the fact that pure electric vehicles sales (excluding hybrid) increased by 45% compared to the internal combustion engines (ICE’s) vehicles.

The big benefits of small electric cars are not limited to smooth driving, sustainability, affordable pricing, but they also give designers the freedom to experiment with ideas. The creativity of designers can shape-up the cars to never seen before designs. Additionally, the absence of fuel tanks and ICE opens an array of opportunities to develop futuristic, modern cars that are aesthetically appealing and offer high-functionality.

So, what is it that gives automakers to design electric cars that are high-in performance and how the existing features can be enhanced? Here, we will decode and analyzie what changes EV’s will bring in car designs.

  • Comfort With Extra Space: There is no argument that a fuel tank takes a large percentage of the total space of a vehicle. That makes small cars confined from inside. Electric cars eliminate the need for fuel tanks and internal combustion engines. This allows designers to utilise the available space in the best way possible. The placement of battery and motor can be customized as per the requirements creating extra interior space. As observed EV’s have 10% larger interior space as compared to the non-EVs. So, you get the comfort of ample space for the same wheelbase.
  • More Aerodynamics For Efficiency: It’s the same as how an athlete or cyclists adjust the position to increase speed without putting in much effort. Electric cars are compact and have less energy to achieve high-speed. But, when designed keeping the aerodynamics in mind, it could match or even exceed the ICE-powered vehicles. As there is no need for a grill at the front, the designs could be made more efficient that minimize air resistance and let your vehicle drive through the wind.
  • Extra Kilometres Per Charge: Battery placement and its shape have an important role to play in the driving capacity of electric small cars. Designers can optimize the battery packaging to make your vehicle the safest and most efficient. According to the US protection agency, a rectangular shape battery can escalate the range in electric vehicles up to 300 to 400 kilometers per charge. And, that too without any extra cost.
  • The Performance of an SUV: The technologies available to the auto industry gives the opportunity to deliver the performance of an SUV, sports car in a small hatchback. As EV’s take less front air-intake, it helps boost acceleration. Designers can take advantage of this functionality and optimize the small cars (EVs) to an SUV.
  • Tech-Enabled Interiors: ICE’s makes it difficult for automakers, designers to incorporate in-demand technologies in the interiors. But, EV’s give them the flexibility to include digital designs that enhance the overall performance of vehicles. Voice controls eliminate the need for buttons, touchscreen removes switches and gives you minimalist, easy-to-operate, modern, high-tech EVs.

Moreover, designers are also now focusing on lighting controls that elevate your car, giving it a premium luxury look. So, electric cars bring a lot of advantages that designers can use for their benefits and create the most-advanced, highly-functional, aesthetically appealing vehicle that becomes everyone’s wish to drive.

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