Novak: home renovation support can be applied for even with chocolate

Those who have benefited from a family home allowance (chok) can also apply for home renovation support, the minister without portfolio for families said on his Facebook page on Thursday. The government will continue to expand home-building subsidies during the epidemic, and new elements of the home-building program will be launched in January to activate family investments.


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Katalin Novák reminded in the published video: from January, the government will reimburse half of the costs of home renovation for families raising at least one child, up to a maximum of three million forints.
    Explaining the details of the grant, he said that the renovation can take place in several stages, in which case the invoices must be collected continuously and submitted at the same time, when all the work has been completed. The refund only applies to invoices issued after January 1, 2021, he pointed out.
    He explained that half of the aid for renovation could cover part of the cost of materials and half part of the labor costs. For example, if someone spends one million forints on labor costs and three million forints on material costs, they can claim back two million forints: one million for labor costs and another one million for material costs, he explained.
    The Minister also mentioned that the Hungarian State Treasury must assess the application within thirty days of its submission, after which the subsidy will be paid within five days. If there is a need to fill in the gaps, another thirty days are available for the assessment – Katalin Novák added.


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