Only domestic drukkers can go to this year’s Football Championship matches

UEFA vows to avoid domestic fixture clashes in 2020-21 competitions -  Sports Mole

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The European Football Association (UEFA) will make a final decision in early March on how the European Championships, which have been postponed this year, will be held. There are four options:

  • closed goalkeeper
  • they fill 30 percent of the seats
  • spectators are admitted to half of the seats
  • at best, a full house.


UEFA has already started selling tickets last year, with fans in most countries already paying the price of tickets.

The Times has now written that fans cannot accompany their national teams to other countries, only locals can go to matches. This new plan could have a big impact on the entire sales system so far. The extent of utilization depends on the infection and the epidemic situation in each country.



The Hungarian national football team will host the world champion French on June 15 and the European Championship champion Portugal (June 19) on the home field at the 68,000,000 Puskás Arena, and will have to travel to Munich on June 23. One hundred thousand tickets for both domestic matches would run out.



In addition to Budapest, 11 more countries are involved in the settlement, so the couples look like this:

  • Baku and Rome (Group A)
  • Copenhagen and St. Petersburg (Group B)
  • Amsterdam and Bucharest (Group C)
  • Glasgow and London (Group D)
  • Bilbao and Dublin (Group E)
  • Budapest and Munich (Group F)

If England win their group, they can already play the semi-finals at home by touching Dublin and Rome. The Italians, Danes, Spaniards and Germans can play all three of their group matches at home. The Hungarian capital would also receive an eighth final, and a quarter-final would be held in Baku. The two semi-finals and finals will be held at Wembley Stadium in London.


On several occasions, it has been rumored at a rumor level that a country would be given the settlement, but it was also mentioned that a city (London, for example) could organize the whole thing. However, these have usually been refuted by UEFA.

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