Operational Tribe: 276 people were cracked down by police for wearing irregular masks

Police disrupted 276 people on Tuesday for disregarding the obligation to wear a mask, the deputy head of the emergency center of the operational strain responsible for protecting against the coronavirus epidemic said at an online press conference on Wednesday.

Image source: koronavirus.gov.hu


Róbert Kiss said that since the government decree on protection measures came into force on 21 September, 15,408 police actions have taken place due to irregular mask wearing.
    Of the measures related to mask wearing on Tuesday, 248 were due to non-compliance with the mask wearing obligations specified in the municipal decrees of settlements with more than ten thousand inhabitants, he explained. He added that police had warned 106 of them, imposed on-the-spot fines 84 times and made 58 reports.
    In addition, police took action against 10 people on public transport and stops on Tuesday, and 18 people in shops and shopping malls for disregarding the obligation to wear a mask, the deputy head of the operational tribunal’s duty center said.
    Róbert Kiss also pointed out that the violation of the restrictive measures on commercial shops, restaurants, accommodation and leisure facilities has so far resulted in 653 police actions. Of these, 172 were related to the operator’s or owner’s violation, 481 were related to the opening of shops and facilities and the ban on staying in the shop.
    The curfew was violated by 381 on Tuesday, and since the curfew on November 4 and the curfew on Nov. 11, police have had to take action against 16,113 offenders, he noted.
    Róbert Kiss said that during the control of transit passengers in Hungary, the police acted against 155 people on Tuesday, and since the entry into force of the law on entry restrictions on 1 September, 8513 transit passengers have been taken action.
    He indicated that on Tuesday the police personally checked the people in the home quarantine 11,099 times, 3719 such restrictive measures were ordered, so now 29,316 people are under epidemiological surveillance and segregation, the mobile application developed for online control is used by 3926 people.
    Responding to a question, the deputy head of the duty center said that although the protection measure for Christmas Eve exempts the curfew from 8 pm to 5 pm on 24 December, the government decree does not affect the rules of public conduct, ie grouping and assembly. its prohibition shall remain in force for that period.
    Róbert Kiss announced that the operational tribunal will hold an online press conference on 28 December.

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