Operational tribe: curfew suspended on Christmas Eve

The government has decided to suspend the curfew until Christmas Eve, which runs from 24 to 25 December, the deputy head of the coron virus epidemic’s operational center’s on-call center said in an online press conference on Monday.

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Image source: koronavirus.gov.hu

Róbert Kiss said that according to the government’s decision, the limit of 10 participants for private and family events should still be understood as not including children under 14 years of age.
    The government has also decided to ban the landing of passenger planes from the UK, including commercial private jets, from midnight on Monday, 22 December. The flow of goods is going smoothly, he added.
    Róbert Kiss also reported that over the weekend, police officers took action against 770 people for disregarding the obligation to wear a mask, 700 of them for violating the municipal decree on wearing a mask in settlements with more than ten thousand inhabitants.
    Irregular masks were worn in eight cases on public transport and at stops, and 62 people were dealt with in shops and malls for not wearing or not wearing the mask properly.
    Since the government decree on protection measures came into force on September 21, 14,888 measures have been taken for non-compliance with mask wearing, he added.
    He also said that a shop had been closed for seven days: on 18 December, in a host shop in Tiszadob, during several inspections, the owner never wore the mask. Since the entry into force of the law, the police have temporarily closed 101 facilities, shops and service units.
    Violations of the rules on shops, restaurants, accommodation and leisure facilities have so far required 627 police measures, of which 168 were found to be by the operator or owner, and 459 were not in compliance with the rules on limited shop opening and stay.
    Róbert Kiss said that over the weekend, police took action against 1,400 people for violating the rules of crawling and public behavior, 1322 of them actually violated the crawl restriction, and 78 of them did not follow the rules for the 500-meter walking area. Since the inspection of the curfew on 4 November and the curfew on 11 November, 15,436 cases have been dealt with.
    During the weekend, the police took action 471 times due to violations of the rules of transit through Hungary. Since the government decree restricting entry entered into force on September 1, police have taken action against offenders 8,270 times.
    Róbert Kiss also said that 13,081 official home quarantines were ordered over the weekend. There are currently 32,486 people in official home quarantine, 3,951 of whom have registered for the mobile app developed for online inspection. Police conducted 49,015 on-site inspections of those in official home quarantine over the weekend.
    In connection with the epidemic, 505 criminal proceedings have been initiated since March, and 99 suspects have been questioned so far.

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