Operational Tribe: The shopping bar for the elderly has been reintroduced

In order to slow the epidemic and protect the elderly, a shopping time zone for those over 65 has been reintroduced on Tuesday, said Lieutenant Colonel Róbert Kiss, deputy head of the coronavirus epidemic operations center, at an online press conference on Tuesday.

Image source: koronavirus.gov.hu

The lieutenant colonel said that only people over the age of 65 could enter grocery stores, perfume, drugstore, household cleaning products, chemical goods and sanitary paper products, as well as medicine and medical aids from 9 am to 11 am on weekdays and from 8 am to 10 am on weekends. distribution shops, pharmacies. He added that seniors are free to shop outside the protected time zone.
The operators and employees of the shops must ensure that the rules concerning the protected time zone are complied with, they must call on the unauthorized persons to leave the store, and if this does not lead to results, they must notify the police, Róbert Kiss informed. He stressed that failure to do so could lead to administrative action by the police.


The deputy head of the operational staff of the operational tribunal reported that 294 people had been dealt with against 7,226 people since the entry into force of the government decree on protection measures during the epidemiological preparedness period on Monday due to non-compliance with the mask wearing obligation.
On Monday, 260 people were settled in settlements with more than 10,000 inhabitants for violating the obligation to wear a protective mask ordered by the local government, 34 people did not comply with the regulations on public transport, at stops and in commercial units, he added.


Róbert Kiss indicated that the operators of some shops and service locations violate the regulations on restricted opening hours and the prohibition of opening hours. Police decided on Monday to temporarily close two such places, in 73 cases since the law came into force.


476 police actions have been taken so far due to violations of the measures concerning commercial shops, restaurants, accommodation and leisure facilities, of which 119 violations were committed by the operator or owner. There were 357 violations in connection with the ban on opening certain facilities, he noted.

The lieutenant colonel also mentioned that a pub in Makon was open on Monday, guests had food and drink in it, a sanction was imposed on those who violated the rules, and the pub was closed for 31 days. One of the espresso bars of Kelemér in Borsod County, the operator of which organized a game competition and served the participants with alcohol, was also closed.
Róbert Kiss also said that since Monday, the police have taken action against 5,144 people since the curfew restricted on November 4 and the curfew on November 10 for 5,954 people for violating the curfew.
Police have acted 41 times on Monday due to violations of the rules on the transit of foreigners, and 6344 times since the regulations came into force on September 1, he said.
He indicated that 6107 official domestic quarantines were ordered on Monday. Currently, 41,557 are in official home quarantine, 3894 of them have registered for the mobile app developed for online inspection.
In connection with the epidemic, 484 criminal proceedings have been initiated since the spring, in which 97 suspects have been interrogated in these cases, he added.

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