Orban: Strict measures will be maintained for another month

The current curfew and strict measures will continue for another month, until January 11, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced on the community side on Monday. Reporting on the decision of the operative tribe, he also said that restrictions on his holy body would be decided later.

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The Prime Minister stressed that there will continue to be a curfew between 8pm and 5am.
    “Whether we can make an exception on Christmas Eve, which we all want, will only be decided on December 21 in the light of the conditions at the time,” he said.
    He added, however, that there will be no exception on 31 December, meaning New Year’s Eve parties and street parties cannot be held this year.
    He stressed that the decision was preceded by consultations with epidemiologists and scientists, who unanimously suggested maintaining strict measures.
    “They said it was necessary to be strict, because Christmas will be next year, now it is important that we be too,” Viktor Orbán said.
He confirmed the solution is the vaccine, which is now at a foreseeable distance. Registration starts on Tuesday, through which anyone who wants to be vaccinated can apply.
“We are working to be among the first in Hungary to get a vaccine,” the prime minister said.
    He said the cabinet is negotiating with everyone, taking into account the interests of neither political nor competing large international companies. All that matters is that Hungarians can get the vaccine as quickly and safely as possible, he said.
    He also spoke about the targeted testing taking place two weeks ago, and said that last week Hungary was already one of the countries that tested the most.
The Prime Minister thanked the doctors, nurses and educators for their work and asked everyone to follow the epidemiological rules.
“Let’s take care of each other even during the holidays, because all life matters!” Viktor Orbán closed his words.



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