Orban: The first vaccinations can start on December 27-28

Vaccinations against the coronavirus may start on December 27 or 28, 35,000 people will arrive in Hungary in the first round, and the health workers will be vaccinated in the first place – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced on Friday Kossuth Radio Good morning, Hungary! in his show.


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Vaccination will be voluntary and free

The health workers will be vaccinated at the South Pest Central Hospital and the county hospitals, he said.
He added he would ask healthcare workers to vaccinate as many as possible, but pointed out that “this is not a general desire at all at the moment”. He noted that he does not want to give up the voluntary nature of vaccination, they do not want to force anyone to vaccinate, but they want to ask healthcare professionals to protect themselves. He said of further vaccinations, registration will be important because when the vaccine becomes mass-available, they will proceed according to registration. That’s why he asked people to make an appointment.

Christmas rules to be decided on Monday

The prime minister said there would be a “little Christmas this year” and relatives’ visits should now be canceled to protect health. Maybe the usual big family celebrations will be on Easter, he said.
He added that the rules for Christmas Eve are not yet clear, this will be decided at Monday’s government meeting, but he would be happy if professionals would take a stand that looser rules could be allowed that evening. For example, children under the age of 14 should not be included in family gatherings of 10 people.

We have prepared health care, but the capacity of hospitals still needs to be protected

Hungary is well prepared for the summer, the national consultation was conducted, the necessary protective equipment was procured, and doctors and nurses were trained so that healthcare could take care of patients. The biggest opponent now is the fatigue of doctors and nurses, he remarked.
He said border guards should continue to be maintained and again asked Hungarians not to plan skiing abroad.

New economic protection measures are coming

Viktor Orbán also said that he would like to announce on Saturday morning what new steps of the economic protection action plan aimed at averting the economic crisis caused by the epidemic will be introduced from 1 January.

EU budget – The Hungarian national interest must be protected against the Soros network

The Prime Minister also spoke on the radio program about the need to protect the Hungarian national interest against György Soros and his network more than before.
The head of government explained that György Soros, “the most corrupt man in the world”, had attacked Hungary on several occasions, but what had just happened on his part – with the support of the Hungarian left – went beyond what a country could simply shrug.
It is not normal, however, he continued, for Soros to work in Brussels to harm the Hungarians wherever he can.
And “it’s not good that we’re sitting here, preventing these actions, and pretending it’s the most natural thing in the world,” he added, stressing that he still needed serious feats to thwart George Soros’s intention to with which it wanted to cause Hungary many billions of euros in damage.

The EP wanted to link financial issues to political issues

Viktor Orbán also said that the European Parliament (EP) wanted to take control of the EU: MEPs say the EU is made up of Brussels, but the heads of government think the EU is the national is in capitals, Brussels is not a center but a meeting place.
Behind the EP is “a network, this is where the Soros come into the picture”, who have built strong positions in the EP through NGOs, research institutes, background institutions and media influence, from within which they try to seize the decisions that empower Europe to govern. and heads of government, he said.
He recalled that the EP wanted to link financial issues to political issues and that there was a danger that the EP’s stubbornness would drag on the budget and the recovery fund.

We defended Hungary’s sovereignty and defended the Hungarians’ money

. However, Hungary, together with Poland, achieved its goal, he said, noting that at the end of the debate, the Slovenes had a voice and Czech President Milos Zeman said it would be right for countries would jointly represent the Hungarian-Polish opinion. The position finally reached was called a common European success by the Prime Minister.

Brussels wants to provide housing, salaries and assistance to 34 million immigrants

He assessed that, with the agreement of the Heads of State and Government, the financial hinterland needed for economic planning for the next few years was “nuclear-safe”.
However, there are still differences of opinion on other issues, so there will be plenty of controversy, he said, including migration, because in the western part of the continent they “still want a Europe based on immigration”, want housing, salaries and help for 34 million immigrants. The prime minister sees this as a crazy plan.
He also touched on the gentleman’s question, which “normal Hungarians don’t even understand what it is” because “these are problems of peripheral situations that do not affect 99 percent of people”.
Hungary is a normal country, where it is evident that the father is a man, the mother is a woman, and the marriage is undertaken because they want common descendants – explained Viktor Orbán.
It is not possible to regulate the lives of 100 people based on the characteristics of an exceptional person, as they want in Western Europe, but to start from 99. There is the situation that is considered normal, and there is the exception, he put it, emphasizing, “we don’t want to condemn anyone who falls under the exception,” but no one can demand that the life of 99 percent be based on the specific way of life of one percent exception.
In summary, the task is not for the majority to adopt the mindset of the minority, but for the majority, while preserving itself, to tolerate the position of the minority

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