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Paternity DNA Testing

Paternity DNA Testing

Did you have multiple bed partners before you became pregnant? Or have you met someone who looks a lot like you? It can certainly be wise to buy a DNA test in these cases. There are different types of DNA tests, each slightly different from one others. Are you curious about these different types of DNA testing? Is there a possible DNA test for you? You can read it here.  

Paternity test

Not entirely sure who your baby’s father is? A paternity test can be used for this. By purchasing a DNA test, it is possible to compare the potential father’s DNA with the baby’s. The tests are often easy to do at home, after which you can send the samples to a laboratory. Often you will have a result within a very short time (approx. 2-3 days). 

Brother-sister test

It is also possible to purchase a DNA test that will attempt to establish a sibling relationship. If you get separated from your brother or sister as a child and may meet your brother or sister later, it is always nice to know that you belong to the family. There are also special twin tests that can be used to determine whether a twin is one or two. Knowing this can be very useful for some medical procedures. 


Are you curious about the background of your roots? Even then, it may be wise to buy a DNA test. With a DNA test, it is possible to sketch out a DNA profile that can be used to study the history of your DNA. These tests are also used in high-risk jobs to determine if people have DNA that is at additional risk. 

Maternity test

It is very rare for babies to be swaddled. If a mother has a child she recognizes very little of herself, it may be advisable to buy a DNA test. A maternity test can determine whether it is your baby. Maternity tests are also widely used in adoption cases. When adoptive children look for their biological mother, a maternity test often confirms that they are mother and child. 

Family relationship test

In addition to the relationships between father and child, mother and child, and brother and sister, a relationship test can be used, for example, to check whether your grandparents are your biological grandparents. 

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