Private investigators are hired for a variety of services.

They fulfill the investigation needs of individuals, businesses, etc.

Some of the investigations for which individuals hire them are:

Background checks

Private detectives perform background checks on individuals through interviews, verification of reference checks, and public records.


This service is used in case of suspected infidelity by a spouse. The investigators carry out surveillance of the activities of the spouse.

Missing person

Private investigators access public records, etc. to locate missing persons.

Child custody

When granting of custody of a child is in question, the parent who can provide a better life to the child has to be selected. Private investigators carry out investigations to determine this.

Most of these investigations require confidentiality to be maintained. Hence, trustworthy investigators should be hired.

Investigations for which businesses hire private investigators are:

Pre-employment screening

When hiring employees, a business needs to ensure that the candidate does not have any kind of criminal history. Additionally, their references need to be checked. Besides, their financial history also needs to be verified. All these investigations are carried out by a private detective.

Background check of prospective business partner

When an individual is intending to go into a partnership with another for business purposes, background check of the partner is essential. The businessman hires an investigator to carry out a complete background check of the partner to ensure that he is associating with a reliable partner.

Investment checks

The legitimacy of a company is verified by a private investigator. For this their public records for licensing, bankruptcies, small claim judgments, state and federal tax liens, etc. are checked.

Security Consultations

Private investigation agencies can recommend security measures to enable businesses to avoid thefts and provide security to employees.

Workers compensation claims

When a worker makes a claim on the company, it is essential to check the authenticity of the claim. Private detectives are hired to check for fraudulent claims.

Electronic Surveillance detection

In this highly competitive world, illegal practices such as planting electronic listening devices have become commonplace. Private detectives detect these devices and remove them.

Therefore, we see that private investigators can help an individual or an organization in numerous ways. However, it is recommended to select an investigator who is reliable, and experienced. Investigators should be aware of the latest techniques of investigation. They should also be able to carry out investigations in a discreet manner

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