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It is a more common reality than some would like, that height at the time of dressing is important. While it is true that a large percentage of women prefer tall men, it is also true that for many women this is a factor they do not care, when a man knows how to dress and carry his height properly.


Shopping is a difficult task for men as compared to women because men really don’t know what to wear and from where to buy dress, pant, shirts, caps and many more things than the one best option for that type of men’s to buy online suits, pants, shirts, and other clothes, for this I recommend you Tokyogoods, this is the best place for online shopping, if you are one of the people who think that your height is a problem when dressing and shopping is a big problem for you then, there are some basic tips that you can apply to your wardrobe to show off a unique and impeccable style in each garment you wear.


Choosing the right clothes for men:


While it is true that when choosing clothes, most men of short stature will have more problems than usual, there are always some solutions that could make this a simple task. For that we present below some practical tips that will make the difference:


  1. Choose colors that optically increase your height:


If there are, in fact, monochromatic colors can help you lengthen your figure in a jiffy. Keep in mind that you should avoid contrasting colors, as they shorten you visually. However, in case you want to use them, use a lighter color on shirts, shirts, jackets and other top garments while using dark colors in pants.


Solid and dark colors are a sure bet. Play with them, for example with the gray and black scales.


  1. Learn what is the right fit when choosing low men’s clothing:


Clothes for men low basic rule of clothing is that each garment that is worn must fit properly to the body, and this is also one of the greatest difficulties of the lower men. If it is your case, bet on the clothes made to measure for each occasion.


When choosing low men’s clothing a loose style is not the best ally. It will look disheveled instead of stylized. The one-or two-button buttons are ideal, instead of the crusades or three buttons. So are the shirts less ornate or with simple prints. If you feel that the garment you want does not fit your height, do not hesitate to use the services of a specialized tailor.


  1. Look for patterns and textures that favor your height:


Vertical prints are always the best option, as are vertical lines or textures. On the other hand, the fabrics of Scottish type, pictures, textures or horizontal lines will make you look lower, avoid them.


The ideal fabrics are not the heavy ones, but the light ones like the linen and the cotton. Take into account the selection of the material while choosing your clothes.


  1. The selection of the high shoe:


A good thick-soled shoe can increase a few centimeters to your height, so the foot will look wider. Do not hesitate to use elevators or male heels, which are currently being a trend.




You require more than just clothing to be able to look confident within your height, and this is demonstrated by many famous people of short stature. Some of these things are posture since maintaining a correct posture enhances your figure. Also, the haircut is important, because in long hair the feeling of being lower increases, while short hair will make it look taller.

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