Riding Smiles – How to have that Fun Road Trip With Your Family?

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Planning to head out on a long road trip, with your family? That sounds like a great idea, and toss in a few campouts, and you should get a trip that would be truly memorable. But the catch is that not all road trips end up as memorable ones, for a variety of reasons starting with running out of gas, in the middle of nowhere. It just means that you need to do some preparatory work as far as the road trip is concerned and make sure that you have the requisite necessities. And with the right prep, you should get to enjoy one heck of a trip. Here are a few tips that you may want to take a closer look at.


Plan your trip

When it comes to a road trip, you may want to plan it right. The whole point of a road trip is that it should feel more of an adventure that you get to share with your whole family and not a boring hurrah. Now, that sounds like its right out of the movies – just plan out the route that you are likely to take, map out some of the local attractions and check out the sleeping arrangements. You can always Google Campervans New Zealand and that should list out more than a few local vendors who allow you to hire/rent/lease camper vans for the trip.

Quaint sights

This is guaranteed to provide tons of fun for the whole family. Just Google search for “largest everything” along the route that you plan to take. Every city or town should have some quaint place that you can visit for some whole hearted fun. You can use the motor home to drive through these towns – but make sure that when you search for ‘New Zealand, Motor homes’, you may want to opt for one that comes with all the perks, comforts and luxuries that you may need.

Detailed maps

Guaranteed that this is supposed to be a road trip, but that being said, it would be a good idea to bring along detailed maps so that you would know where you are, all the time. You could also use the handy GPS to track and mark your current location. But in addition to having a hard copy of the map, you may also want to pack in the requisite medical first aid kit. Just make sure that you pack in all the required medical supplies. For example, you may be a diabetic and may require a daily insulin boost. In that case, you need to ensure that you pack in the essential insulin shots along with the rest of the medication, in the first aid kit.

Bring your favourite CD’s

Music is essential and of course, while you could always listen to the radio in the motor home, it pays to bring your own music CD’s. These are music tracks that you would already love and listening to them during the trip should certainly make the trip less monotonous.

Carry small change

You are bound to travel through quite a few toll booths. And it is important that you have the required small change so that you can pay your toll fees on time.

Make up road games

You may want to search online, there are more than a few interesting road games that you can play with your whole family which should help you pass the time. It is always a great idea to play games with the whole family and while you may not want to play scrabble on the road trip, there are several other games that you can opt for and which is bound to turn into some serious fun for the family.These are some of the tips that you may want to consider, before heading out on that road trip. Just make sure that you are well prepped for the road trip in question and make sure that you pack light, with all the required necessities.

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