RTL: Unauthorized people may have been vaccinated against coronavirus

RTL: Unauthorized people may have been vaccinated against coronavirus

Image source: telex.hu

The channel’s newscast was told by the Department of Human Resources that it would be sanctioned by the competent authorities if someone gets the vaccine unauthorized.

Those who are not officially entitled to it can also be vaccinated against the coronavirus, in other words, those who are not health or social workers,RTL Hirado said.Several such cases reached the channel anonymously, and the secretary of the Hungarian Medical Chamber confirmed to RTL that the vaccination schedule could be “circumvented” in some cases based on the feedback.


Telexhas alreadyreportedthat it was one of the first mothers to be vaccinated with an infant from an already limited amount of the vaccine, but a retired professor who has not been in care since the beginning of the epidemic, as well as several administrative staff, wrote Hungarian Medical in early January. Chamber (MOK) website also secretary of the organization.Tamás Svéd reported in the series of the MOK Reality project about the reality of the vaccination program, at least about the procedure for healthcare workers.



According toa report published ontheMOK website, the amount of vaccine received in Hungary by 6 January would in principle allow about 80,000 people to be vaccinated, but the authorities do not have enough confidence that the amount needed for the second dose will arrive on time, so half of the available material even if the stock to be used within a few days is wasted.The chamber also reported on chaos and detours based on the complaints and reports received, and at the same time proposed a more specific, streamlined vaccination schedule.



At RTL’s request, the Ministry of Human Resources did not see the problem in the vaccination order, but in the rule-following behavior.That is why they said:

whoever deviates from the vaccination plan will not only jeopardize the rule but also the success of the defense, which will be sanctioned by the authorities – also punishing whoever received the vaccination and whoever gave it.

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