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How To Choose Employee Scheduling Software

  1. Not everyone is a technology wizard, therefore your scheduling software should be easy to use for all the parties. Though it doesn’t need to be overly simple, the employees should be able to teach themselves or it should be quick to grasp after a brief training session. The employees should have no trouble signing in and out after a workday. The ease of understanding and operating should be equally available to the payroll department. The software should allow them to easily view the working hours and working days of each employee. Not only will this ensure convenient payments, but it will also eliminate any room for error while issuing paychecks.
  2. One of the important features you should look for in scheduling software is reminders and alerts. In order to improve workflow, employees should be reminded of the upcoming job or events and any changes to their schedule. This will also make their lives easier and will prevent any miscommunication.
  3. Access to a scheduling software can’t just be limited to the four walls of an office building. Employees should be able to access their schedules from anywhere in the world. The right scheduling software will have mobile capabilities across all devices. From mobile apps, the mobile web browser to cloud systems, a mobile system is essential.
  4. Along with mobile capabilities, the scheduling software should have calendar integration. This implies that the work schedule of employees should be shareable on platforms such as Google Calendar, iCal and more.
  5. One of the main scheduling software features you should look out for is automated checks. These automated checks include conflicts, availability, and skills required. For instance, an employee has submitted availability for the job on a particular day when the company requires staffing. The software automatically checks this and alerts the scheduling manager about the same. With these features, the scheduling manager can appropriately update the schedule and avoid staff shortage. Integrating an employee’s free days with staff needs plays a vital role in creating an uninterrupted workflow.

6. The function of your scheduling software shouldn’t be limited to creating schedules. The best scheduling software for your company will go beyond scheduling. It should be able to create task lists, shift plans and more. Task lists can be created for individual employees or an entire department. These lists should be shareable online on mobile devices. Also, there should be a feature that allows adding special events and projects and creating sign-up sheets for such events. Keeping in mind these tips, you will be able to choose the right scheduling software for your company. The perfect software will not only benefit your company but will also make life easier for your employees.

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