Secret Military Intelligence in Underwater Robotic Technology

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Indeed, I doubt one has to read as many Bill Gertz, Tom Clancy, or Clive Cussler books to realize how insidious things can be behind the scenes. One area that is particularly crucial for the US and our allies is the information flow and leaks coming from Submarine and Naval Operations, and yes, the advanced technology running all of these systems too. In fact, today these technologies are moving along nicely, and that means there are more spies out trying to get information as well.

In the future, most submarines will run robotically, and if there is a crew aboard, it won’t be much. Indeed, I suspect that the R&D from the DARPA announcements of various types autonomous underwater advanced systems has begun, and I know how serious the US Naval Research is, I’m sure they are thinking here, as are the Chinese as well. There are significant limitations to human occupied crews, especially large ones, lots of complications, challenges, a smaller crew, surely makes sense, and we see that more and more.

A mostly robotic unit, perhaps a fifth of the size of an attack sub, could be accompanying 50 or more AUVs, as a potential secondary strategy. At that point, the submarine is merely a pod to transport. Yes, I suppose we are “somewhere” testing things such as:

Torpedo Launched UAVs

Transitional Submarine Aircraft

Burrowing Torpedo Launched AUVs

Fully Autonomous Attack Subs programmed to return or rendezvous at a pre-determined time

Now then, you can bet that the foreign military spies are out in full-force scouring academia, defense tech, and military installations to learn all they can, bits and pieces where ever they might find it, whether at a coffee shop in FL, Monterrey CA, Seattle area, or one adjacent to CalTech, MIT, GA Tech, Carnegie Mellon, or Virginia Tech, etc. Okay so, who are these spies and where are they from? Well, they come from many places such as;




And even our stanch allies are spying on our technology, nations such as Israel for instance. Everyone wants, and perhaps needs this latest technology for the future to protest their interests and empower their efforts to serve their political will under the sea. Obviously, our military, political leadership, and even our citizens understand the need for advanced systems to own the low ground as well as the high ground, we must. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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