Setting New Security Practices To Reduce Ransomware Practices

Reduce Ransomware Practices


Computers have been the biggest invention in the history of mankind. But they are not perfect at all. Some recent events have projected the need for some enhanced security practices against ransomware, malware, and other malicious software. If a person refrains from applying proper security practices, then he can lose all the valuable data and maybe experience even more harm in monetary terms. The hackers and the people who have made it their job to tease the general public are constantly developing such softwares that can harm the general public. The viruses or malware that are maliciously installed on the system of a person or an organization with the intent of getting monetary benefits are called ransomwares.

What Security Practices Can Be Applied To Reduce The Ransomware Practices

Although there are several softwares available in the market that promise protection from several ransomwares. But a person must not leave the precautionary measures since they act as the first line of defense while combating malicious activities such as ransomwares. Since most people are not aware of these precautionary measures and the methods to tackle such activities so they fall prey to such malwares. In the spirit of providing information to the general public we have mentioned some of the most important precautionary measures below that will help you in avoiding such circumstances:

1.    Tabulation Of The Resources

The tabulation of all the resources and the assets is extremely necessary and a person must be quick in doing so. This tabulation will help you in keeping a check and balance on your resources. If it happens that you fall prey to any ransomware then the pre tabulated data will help you a lot in analyzing the loss that you have suffered. This will also help you in recovering from that loss. If a person has no idea about the loss that he has suffered, then the recovery process will be extremely difficult and time-consuming. It is possible that without proper figures you do not make an exact recovery.

2.    Avoiding Doubtful Attachments

The emails and the inboxes of all the accounts of a person are filled with hundreds of new messages and attachments. Most of the time people know about the source and they trust him or her so they open the file instantly but when it comes to the unknown senders then a person must be reluctant. Opening the message or the attachments without confirming the identity of the sender would be a mistake. So, if you have the slightest doubt about any attachment or its sender then hit the stop button and just avoid it and let the security softwares do their job.

3.    Securing Personal Data

Personal data is of the utmost importance in this whole scenario. If the sender does not have your personal information, then it would be impossible for him to attack your system. So, a person must avoid giving his details on forms and other malicious websites since these places act as the data bank for the ransomwares.

4.    Proper Education Is Mandatory

Every organization or service provider must educate the customers and users properly about the usage of their services and systems. If you educate the users properly, then the chances of such malicious activities such as ransomwares decrease. But in the other case if they are not properly educated then these figures will shift against you.

5.    Using The Trustworthy Security Softwares

The security softwares have become one of the biggest service providers. Most of these softwares such as DNS filtering are extremely efficient in their job. While selecting the security software one must pay attention to all the details and go through the terms and conditions again and again. Only allow the trustworthy security softwares such as DNS filtering services to run on your computers. Because the security softwares that are not trustworthy will not be able to protect your system to the extent you want them to.


The world is progressing and so are the ways of deceiving and harming people. Ransomware has been the biggest headache of different organizations. So, it is mandatory that whether you are a person or if you manage the system of a whole organization, you must not forget the precautionary measures, since they are your only friend.


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