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Side Hustles for Animal Lovers

Side Hustles for Animal Lovers

Do you wish you had a pet or want to make money spending time with animals? Due to the on-demand economy, amazing side hustles for animal lovers exist!

Side hustles, in general, are a great idea for many reasons

  1. Diversifying income streams
  2. Sometimes, you can’t cut expenses anymore, or you might not want to
  3. You can explore your different passions without a full-time commitment

Good news for those who might not want their own pet yet, or can’t afford one – there are plenty of side hustles for animal lovers to get you some extra income by pet sitting or dog walking. Or, if you have a pet that will enjoy the company, you can host overnight daycare if your friends or neighbors go on vacation with !

Ultimate Side Hustles for Animal Lovers

Most Americans only take 4000-5000 steps a day. A 30-minute long dog walk is 2000-3000 more steps. What’s better than getting fit and making some extra money at the same time by being a dog walker?

It’s easy to sign up – just go to the website and create an account. The application, however, is thorough – prepare to create a profile to sell yourself as a trustworthy pet sitter and add photos. You can also pick the types of services you provide – the overnight stays in your home, housesitting, or walks/drop-in visits and the distance you’ll be able to travel. You can select all or some of these services and set your own prices (though Rover provides a recommended price to charge). You will also need to submit your social security number for a background check, get testimonials/recommendations (minimum of 1 to get an approved application), as well as pass a safety quiz (though they give you the answers in a booklet). All in all, it’s an easy start for a high responsibility but fun role!

What’s your side hustle? Are you the designated pet sitter for when your friends go on vacation?

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