Social, law enforcement and administrative workers involved in the defense can also travel free of charge

In addition to health workers, social workers, police, soldiers and civil servants involved in the defense will now be able to use public transport free of charge. The government is also supporting an effective fight against the virus by providing free travel. Free travel requires an employer’s certificate stating that the person is performing tasks related to the emergency or the consequences of a coronavirus pandemic. 


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Since the beginning of November, intercity and local public transport has been available to healthcare workers and medical students involved in the defense without having to buy a ticket. The new government decree significantly expands the range of beneficiaries. If they are involved in fighting the virus, they can also travel for free to those working for a social, child welfare or child protection service provider, institution, network, civil servants and government officials, and those with legal or law enforcement functions.

The discount can be used by presenting a document suitable for proving identity and a certificate issued by the employer. The certificate is available as an appendix to the government decree on page 9443 of the  Hungarian Gazette,  where it is also worthwhile to find out the exact scope of those involved.  

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology has taken steps with service providers to allow new beneficiaries to redeem their passes already purchased by December without any handling costs. At the request of the passenger, transport companies will reimburse half of the price of the December season ticket or the 30-day season ticket valid before 16 December 2020 and valid for at least another 15 days at the time of submission. Passengers can get a full refund of the price of the second half-month pass, or 30-day passes purchased before December 16 and beginning on or after December 16, 2020, without a handling fee.

László Mosóczi, Secretary of State for Transport Policy, said: “Stakeholders can travel free of charge not only when performing defense-related tasks, but also in other cases, not only between their place of residence and the place of work, but in any domestic context. The discount applies to the second class on the train, but also applies to the ticket and the replacement ticket everywhere. ” Relevant part of the

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