Some Imminent Stylish Fashion Trends for this Year

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 With the onset of 2020, people have started following the new fashion trends for the year. You can particularly notice them among students of high school/ colleges and universities. A college is a place where students can show off their fashion with full confidence. Your body language and your clothes are the two most important things that speaks about you as a person.

Let us look at some fashion trends for this year that has made every individual feel enthusiastic about:

Tees/ T-shirts:

These are always there in everyone’s wardrobe. Initially, tees were just plain or with plain colors. But now they are being made with logos, slogans, and nice prints. These are more comfortable to wear and can go along with any jeans or shorts.


Whether it is skinny or straight fitting, jeans are in trend for a long time and it is still this year too. It is part of everyone’s wardrobe and you can wear it along with any casual tees or shirts. It is just a quick one to find in your wardrobe.

Tote Bags:

This kind of bags is very much in trend for college goings. Nowadays they come in different variety, material and style. Some manufacturers have started making custom made tote bags. One such company we know is Custom Earth Promos.

They are into manufacturing Reusable custom bags. These are made from natural, recycled water bottles and other recycled material. If you wish to look for some trendy tote bags then this will be the best place to shop.


Athleisure has become a trend for many years due to its casual and sporty look. It looks comfortable and fashionable at the same time. You get them in different patterns, styles, and various colors. Though it’s in trend for a decade now, its demand has never gone down.

The Winter Coats/ Wrap Coats

As the weather starts becoming cold, it becomes necessary to get your wrap coats out. They are all in various styles which makes you look bold and beautiful. Especially, when you have parties to attend, wrap coats become your best buddies. This makes you not only stylish but also feminine and polished. You can wear your high heels, which goes well with them.


Most often we have seen this in just black and white prints, but according to our new fashion trend, this has come in various colors. Personally, I feel this can never go out of fashion in any time now. Any color you choose and wear it with a black skirt, it would look just classy.

Trench Coats:

If you wish to have a sophisticated look this year, then this coat is the right choice for you. They are available in various colors, styles, and fabrics. Though it used to be just like any other raincoats, due to our good fashion designers it has turned to be cool, elegant, and a highly desirable garment for this year.

Lastly, we would like to say “Wear clothes that matters to you. Fashion comes within you”.

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