Spend A Day Full Of Enthusiasm And Excitement On The Sea!

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Are you looking for an exciting way to spend a day with your friends? If you are a water enthusiast and love everything related to sea and water, a picnic on the waves would be the most ideal for you! Yes, a day at the sea is possible just like you go for a picnic on land. It’s just you would be swimming instead of walking, and also some great many other things follow, which aren’t much common on the land trips.


To spend an extraordinary day on the sea, you need to have full and perfect knowledge of swimming. You should also be carrying your life jackets along with you (though you may be an expert in swimming). Safety is important! Apart from that, choosing an astounding location that has lots to offer for its visitors is important.

How can your day be superb on the sea!

There are some really mind blowing activities and sports that you can do staying amidst water. Let’s read about the most fabulous ones here:

  •   Sightseeing — The very basic yet impressive activity you can do at any place is take a water tour of the whole city. Imagine catching the glimpse of each and every interesting point of the city while sailing smoothly on the water through a boat hire in Sydney harbour from Galaxy Charters. They provide all kinds of boats and yachts or even harbour cruise for your sightseeing and enjoyment purpose. These boats and yachts are in excellent condition and equipped with everything you need.
  •   Swimming — If you are planning to enjoy a day on the sea, you just can’t imagine the same without swimming in it. Swimming can be the most exhilarating experience amidst the sweeping waves and it would itself be a challenge do dive in the deep sea and take those master strokes of yours. You can compete with your friends for added excitement and race towards the shore.
  •   Under water diving — Another extraordinary activity to carry out when on the water is to go under water. Be well equipped with all your gears and take a dive in the magnificent water to experience an entirely new world inside it. It can be more enjoyable if you have buddies who can share the amazement of exploring the underwater world with you. If you feel a little jittery, many places offer a short training session before you take the plunge.
  •   Surfing — Surfing is something that should be simply on the list when you are talking about a fun day on the sea. How can you be amidst water and not challenge its wave with your skills? Just carry your favourite surfboard or hire it and have fun balancing yourself against all the odds of water waves.
  •   Boating — Boating is calm but enjoyable nonetheless. You can go for paddle boating or the motor boats and keep sailing to take in the beauty of the water around you. It would calm your senses as the smooth ride can be the best thing to experience when on water!
  •   Jet skiing —Jet skiing is full of excitement in itself! Just as you can cross boundaries with your motorcycle, jet skiing involves doing the same on the water. You can speed up and glide on the water and enjoy an exciting time.
  •   Skimboarding — Just another type of surfing, but a little more challenging, as the board is smaller and without fins! This activity is enough to give you a thrill on the water, as the adventures in skimboarding is utmost and incomparable. You can ride the wave, glide on it, and then manoeuvre it back to the shore.
  •   Water polo — This one is the most enjoyable when you are with a large group! You can divide yourselves in two teams and go for a match of water polo. This is sure to make your day more amazing and super exciting.
  •   Kayaking — Just like paddle boarding or canoeing, kayaking can be exciting and calming at the same time. You can place yourself on the kayaks and paddle on the waves to get a rush of excitement as you compete with the waves, and also enjoy a cool feeling as you the air and water hits you playfully.
  •   River rafting — Another super thrilling activity that can make your day on the sea fun and exciting. You can come with your group or solo and get on the rafts. Rest is history! The joyous thrill you get at each bend and push of the waves is just undefinable. Well, the buck does not stop here. There are lot many options you could explore — paragliding, parasailing, cave diving, ice diving, etc. — when you are thinking of a day well spent on the waters. Just be sure of your safety gears and swimming skills, and you just can’t imagine the fun that awaits you among the waves!

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