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A lot has been going on in our retirement home for a few weeks. A lot is being rebuilt and grown. In addition to the actual home for residents in need, new apartments for service residents are being added. This means that people can rent there who still care for themselves, but would like to be close to mobile care that they can use at any time when needed. This is a very nice concept that has been very well received. So good that new houses and apartments are needed and are now being built. For the elderly, the construction noise and commotion is a great distraction and a challenge for some. They are brought out of their rest and have to get used to it for the time being. Taking an afternoon nap turns out to be rather difficult under these circumstances. 

The mobile crane in the middle of the construction site 

Many of the older men remember how things were built back then. There were far fewer resources and those that did exist were technically far inferior to today’s. As a rule, everything went much more slowly than it is today. They marvel at the developments and look at the construction processes on a daily basis. They sit in the sun in wheelchairs and watch the workers. During the break, the workers sit down with the old people and eat their bread. This is actually a very nice process that the residents of the home will miss when they leave. You have already heard that from some. But it looks like there will be a permanent construction site. The job is huge and won’t be over anytime soon. At least not until the middle of next year. Before we can imagine that the work will be completed. That’s pretty good. The noise shifts every now and then. You got used to the hustle and bustle. 

A good building project for people in need 

There are now more and more younger people who are disabled and therefore in need of help. They also want to move into this age-old and disabled-friendly apartment. This means that many more houses have to be built than originally thought. The mobile crane has been standing in front of the home for weeks and is used every day to perform the various tasks. We hope that many more houses are planned, because it is a good thing that it helps people with difficulties in everyday life. But we are all in good spirits. The construction site is there and the permits are on the table. Everything just has to be implemented. We are already there.

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