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Steps to Maintaining Your Pc Health and Fix Blue Screen Error

Steps to Maintaining Your Pc Health and Fix Blue Screen Error

The Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) is an error that most users encounter when working in an operating system (OS) of the Windows family. It is possible that your computer has already fallen ill with this ailment and you, in search of an antidote, ended up on this site.

Typical Causes That Lead to the Appearance of the Error and How to Eliminate Them

Consider the TOP problems due to which an operating system error appears, as well as methods for solving them:

  • Device driver problem. If the error appears after installing a new driver or updating it, you must roll back the driver to the previous version.
  • Unsuccessful Windows update. It happens, as a rule, when installing a large number of updates or installing a low-quality patch. It is solved by rolling back the installed packages.
  • Incorrect equipment operation. To find out, it is necessary to conduct a stress test with the AIDA64 program or analogues. It is also necessary to test the RAM and the operation of the disk media.
  • Reset BIOS settings. When changing the drive mode (AHCI, IDE, RAID), the system will stop booting, giving a stop error. The parameter may get lost due to a dead BIOS battery or manual reset.
  • Many problems can be attributed to them. But it is worth checking the computer, for example, with the CureIt program.
  • Incompatible software. If installing or updating any programs resulted in a problem, reinstall the software product or install a previous version.
  • Violation of the license agreement. In some cases, a blue screen may appear every hour or two. As a rule, this is due to the fact that Windows is not activated.
  • The problem is in the video card or its overheating. Typically seen when playing games or watching videos. For diagnostics, you need to update the driver and conduct a stress test. Also pay attention to the temperature of the video card.

What to do first in this situation?

Disable automatic reboot.

In most cases, Windows 10 is enabled by default to restart in the event of a STOP error. In this situation, you do not have enough time to write down the error code associated with the BSOD. To start the process of fixing the failure, you need to hold the error message on the screen for a while.

Check the system for viruses.

One of the reasons BSOD appears on your Windows 10 PC is data corruption. Apart from the usual scenarios, the data on the computer can be corrupted by some malware.

Thus, if you happen to see the Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death more often than usual, use your antivirus software for a full system scan. Windows Defender, the default antivirus in Windows 10, can be a good option too.

Windows update.

You should make sure that your computer is regularly updated with the latest security fixes and other equally important elements. This is one of the most important things to consider on the road to fixing or even preventing the blue screen of death. In most cases, Windows 10 users do not need to do anything extra because system updates are installed automatically, but this process can be stopped.

Updating hardware drivers and firmware.

Faulty drivers on your PC can also cause the blue screen of death to appear. Thus, updating or restoring the software can get rid of the BSOD.

Most components are now taken care of by the generic Windows drivers. However, most are not all. Drivers that your operating system cannot automatically update, you will have to look for yourself on the manufacturer’s website.

How to fix Blue Screen of Death in Windows

Boot into Safe Mode.

When you start your computer using Safe Mode, only basic Windows services and system drivers are loaded. If you have not encountered a blue screen of death, we can assume that the culprit is a third-party driver.

How do I use Safe Mode?

Previously, in the case of Windows XP and 7, you could use the msconfig utility to load this mode or use the F8 key at startup. Windows 10 has added one new convenient option for accessing Safe Mode.

  1. Open Settings> Update & Recovery> Recovery.
  2. In the Advanced Startup section, click Restart Now. Wait for the window with additional startup parameters to appear.
  3. Click Troubleshoot.
  4. On the next screen, select Startup Options, click on Restart to exit to Safe Mode.

Use System Restore.

By introducing a feature such as System Restore to Windows, Microsoft has made it possible to roll back errors that we might have inadvertently made on our devices. This can help if the blue screen of death is caused by software you recently installed.

You can try to find different settings related to Windows 10 recovery in Control Panel> Recovery. To roll back the system to a previous restore point, click Open System Restore. To create a new point, click Configure System Restore> New. The blue screen of death will most likely be fixed if it is due to recent changes on your computer.

Fixing Blue Screen of Death with Windows Troubleshooter.

Try using the system’s built-in troubleshooter. To find it, open Settings> Update & Security> Troubleshoot.

Under the heading Troubleshoot, you can see a tool to fix errors that cause Windows to stop or restart unexpectedly.

Remove the faulty Windows update.

During the installation of a Windows update, in rare cases, the process can be interrupted and such incidents can lead to a blue screen of death. The easiest way to fix Windows BSOD is to uninstall the erroneous update. The same should be done with applications that could damage important files on your PC.

You can uninstall the latest Windows update by visiting Settings> Update & Recovery> Windows Update> Uninstall Updates.

Reinstall Windows to fix the Blue Screen of Death.

Obviously, the very last way to eliminate the blue screen of death is to completely reinstall the Windows operating system. For users running Windows 10 or 8.1, there is a built-in reinstallation utility that does not require special installation media. For Windows 7, you will have to install the system using a bootable USB or CD.

If your equipment is not directly guilty of BSOD, then the above tips and methods should help you. If the problem lies in the component, you will have to replace it.

Just in case, if you need to recover information from your hard drive, Starus Recovery tools will help you. You can download and try programs for recovering deleted data completely free of charge!

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