Super helpful Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Every man needs a healthy sex life but, erectile dysfunction (impotence) really impacts your sexual life. Studies of the National Institute of Health show that about 30 million men experience erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction or (ED) is an inability to get an erection to get desired sexual needs. This is a very depressing condition for a man. This disease can be treated very well but, sometimes people avoid telling it to others. There are so many solutions out there but, kamagra is one of the most famous “generic Viagra” medications that treat very well erectile dysfunction.


What does erectile dysfunction mean?

When a man is not able to achieve a better erection for his sexual needs its called erectile dysfunction (ED). In medical term, when blood flow fills two chambers of the penis called (corpora cavernosa) erection happen. This process makes the penis harder and gets expend. If anything disturbs this blood flow to the penis it is not able to get a proper erection and this condition is called erectile dysfunction.


Does Erectile Dysfunction Affect both Young and Elderly?


Actually, age doesn’t matter for causing erectile dysfunction. The risk increase with this disease when you get older but, in some cases erectile dysfunction can affect men when they get sexually active. But older men are more prone to get (ED). When a men’s age increased from forty to seventy years the chances of erectile dysfunction increased 5% to 15%. This condition can be treated easily.


Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

  • If a man failed to maintain a satisfactory erection for sexual needs.
  • Difficulty to get an erection.
  • No interest in sexual activity
  • Depressive mode
  • Low confident

You should consult a doctor if you feel above mention symptoms

Or early or premature ejaculation.




Your Doctor will better diagnose erectile dysfunction by taking a physical examination of the patient’s penis. And checked your sensitivity and nerves get checked your blood flow in the genital area to determine the problem. They took some urine and blood tests, ultrasound also for diagnosis. These lab tests will help to diagnosis testosterone levels that help to determine hormone level disturbance which is the cause of a low desire.

These tests also detect other underlying medical causes for (ED)

  • Cholesterol
  • Blood cells
  • The sugar level in blood
  • Function of liver


Different Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction


Here are the different types of treatment for erectile dysfunction but the most popular online treatment is generic viagra Other drugs for erectile dysfunction are:

Sildenafil Citrate

These medicines improve blood circulation in the penis. . Kamagra contains 100 mg of sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil is medicine good for erectile dysfunction. This medicine is the first choice for many people. This medicine is also available in different forms like jelly oil, which has more effective ingredients. These medicines are specially made for a better erection. If you have some medical conditions like heart disease or others, first you have to consult your Doctor because your Doctor suggests you a better option.

For a better result of genetic viagra men should take it an hour before sex.

kamagra helps to promote normal erection. It is also a cheap option than others. It regulates blood flow in the penis and gives life to your sexual needs.

Talk therapy:

Psychological factors like stress, depression, anxiety can cause erectile dysfunction. Talk to a therapist and share your feelings about the sexual relationship. Your therapist gives you better suggestions to build your confidence with your partner and get rid of erectile dysfunction.

Vacuum pumps:

These vacuum pumps are specially made to stimulate a better erection.

Blood flow is drawn into the penis when using these pumps.


Exercise is the most help full way to get strong your pelvic muscles.

Exercise maintains blood flow in the body that is also helpful for erectile dysfunction. Different exercises like kegel, Aerobic, Running and swimming. yoga makes your mind relax and calm. Yoga is also very helpful to ease erectile dysfunction.


Surgery is the option when other treatments didn’t work well for ED.

The doctor suggested two types of procedures

  • Vascular surgery

Vascular surgery is for unblocking and repairing arteries. That helps to get better blood flow in the penis.

  • Implant

A penile implant is placed in the penis. It helps you to pump your penis or adjust your penis position manually.



This article will benefit you to know about the best treatment for ED.

You can get better sexual intercourse using those treatments.

But remember that always talk to your doctor first and he will suggest you best treatment plan.

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