Surface Pro X review

The Surface Pro X is an incredible piece of hardware and is the best Snapdragon PC in the market right now. It is offering a great 2-in-1 experience, offers a speedy LTE connection, and you can get an excellent keyboard case for an extra $140. The Surface Pro X is a solid choice if you want Microsoft’s software to get the work done. It is the thinnest Surface yet with the slimmest bezels. But, is it a worthy option to buy right now? Let’s check it out in the Surface Pro X review below:


The only word for this gadget- it is gorgeous! After seeing this gizmo, the Surface Pro 7 looks outdated. It is great to hold, comfortable in lap, and premium at its prime. It has minimal bezels all-around – more like the iPad Pro 12.9-inch than a Surface. This device only weighs 1.68 pounds and is super thin, at 5.3mm. There is a kickstand that can rotate almost 180 degrees. Despite the fact it is thin and light, it is still sturdy and class. You can get updates about Court Jobs from us by subscribing free of cost.

There are plenty of ports on the Surface Pro X which include two USB-C options and a slot for Microsoft’s proprietary power charger on the edges, as well as a SIM and microSD card slot under the kickstand. Despite being thin, we love this engineering. The Pro X can be charged via USB-C connection as well as the company’s dedicated socket. There is no headphone jack on this device.


Coming to the display, the Pro X’s 13-inch screen runs 2,880 x 1,920-pixel resolution. The Pro 7 is slightly smaller at 12.3-inches than this one but both of them have the same pixel density. The bezels are thin which gives this device a 3:2 aspect ratio. The images look crisp and colorful. While watching videos on Netflix and Prime Video, you will enjoy each and every detailing. The audio, on the other hand, might feel underwhelming. But, it isn’t a dealbreaker.

New Slim Pen

Microsoft has built a new stylus called the Slim Pen which will cost you an extra $145. You can use it with Pro X and it is the flattened version of the original Surface Pen. The stylus is odd-shaped but very comfortable to hold and draw with. Also, writing with this pen was smooth but it was exactly the same with rounder styli.

The Slim Pen can fit in a groove carved into the new Signature Keyboard, which costs twice the $140 that you would pay for the regular keyboard cover.

Keyboard and trackpad

With the new Microsoft’s Surface Pro X is superior with its typing case and this makes it the best tablet keyboard in the market. This version is just as comfortable and well-spaced as some laptops – and we love it. The key travel is very good and it feels better than other laptops like the MacBook Air and the Galaxy Book Flex. Talking about the trackpad, it is smooth, responsive but it is not as big as MacBook’s. If it was bigger, I would have fallen for it.


Under the hood, the Surface Pro X has the 3GHz ARM-based SQ1 processor – built by Qualcomm. But, Windows on Snapdragon has limited app compatibility which makes it very difficult to recommend. Older Snapdragon PCs like the ASUS NovaGo or HP Envy X2 already irritated us with that. But, Microsoft’s software performance and ARM64 support ran programs faster. Still, I had reservations. The Pro X and most Snapdragon PCs are best for the gigabit LTE connections they pack. And, the Pro X  is best amongst all. With the speedy transfers, the Snapdragon X24 modem makes everything loads faster and get the work done on the go.

Battery Life

Talking about the battery life, Microsoft has claimed up to 13 hours of normal use on the Pro X and it is more or less the same in real life. On the battery test, the Pro X stayed alive for 12 hours, which is longer than the (Intel-powered) HP Envy X2’s 10.5 hours and way more than the Surface Pro 7’s 8 hours. Even the iPad Pro lasted for 11.5 hours which is just a bit behind Pro X.

Final Verdict

The Surface Pro X is beautiful and gorgeous – thanks to Microsoft’s excellent engineering. It works fantastically well and offers a stunning experience. The keyboard is its biggest USP and with the speedy LTE connection on the go, everything fastens up. The display is a delight to use but the main concern stays alive here – app compatibility. Microsoft claims that the Pro X is designed for mobile workers who spend most of their days using a web browser or basic productivity apps. If you are in the population of the people who needs to work on a handful of Windows app, Pro X is the one for you.

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