Take a look at these 23 chic medium hairstyles for wavy hair! A befitting hairdo for every outfit and event!

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1:  Blondie waves


Blond hairstyles are the most talked and sought after hairdo because it just looks good. We cannot deny this fact and stop ourselves from styling a great hairdo like this. A messy blond lob could be your revolutionary look for this year! Get ready to completely transform your normal medium wavy hair with this one! You are going to love it!


2: The breezed look


Sometimes when we keep our hair slightly uncombed, it looks high fashion. Don’t get alarmed by it because your favorite models and celebrities have styled shaggy hairstyles like this ALL THE TIME! You just need to scrunch up your wavy damp hair in a towel and let it dry naturally for a breezed over hairstyle! It may be different than what you usually go for but there is no harm in trying something new right?


3: Golden tousles


Waves upon waves of hair look simply divine. Especially on a night out, you need to showcase a wild and stunning side. A spicy hairstyle good enough to attract attention amongst the night crowd. Going for shiny and over the top wavy hair makes you look fabulous just like Jessica Biel!


3: Insta famous tousles


What do you see when you go to your insta famous influencers? You see good fashion sense, amazing feeds and great wavy hair! If you remember correctly 8 out of 10 of those public figures will have hairstyles like this!  A beautifully tousled and slightly parted hairdo!


5: Gorgeous partition


When you have wavy hair it is very easy to part your hair! Get a good look at this hairdo! Wonderful wavy strands nicely parted to one side, those waves have never looked more appealing!


6: Shaggy Balayage


We know one thing for sure; Balayage hair ideas always work out well, particularly when there is a good mix of colors. Check this one for example. Caramel brown Balayage, it looks as good as it sounds! This hairdo will be more natural-looking than any other type of hairstyle. What’s more, there are so many options offered by Balayage hair. Pick a color and tresses to create this stunning magic.


7: Twisted half up-do


Styling your hair up doesn’t mean you are going for a simpler look. There are so many intricate details involved with up-dos. Take this one, for example, a half up-do with loosely twisted up-do. It is a hairstyle that works perfectly with your wavy hair on a nice summer day!


8: Half up-do bun


One of the easiest types of half up-do is this. Rather than twisting and braiding, it is quite simple to pull some strands and tie it in a bun. Easy to style and fashionable to the eyes. A hairstyle like this will turn out flawlessly with your wavy hair.


9: Up-do with front braid


You would think that braids do not come through well with wavy hair. Well, that is not true ladies! When you have wavy hair, the braids look more naturally interwoven like branches. Besides, the wavy strays make it appear even more aesthetically pleasing. If it is hard to believe then here is the best example to prove it.


10: Big messy side braid


To be honest, sometimes we do not have time for perfect French braids, so when that happens what do you do? You just style a big messy side braid.  It might seem unkempt at first, but you need to place full faith in us because it won’t be a wrong choice. This braid is a quick fix to your dishevelled wavy hair. Moreover, you won’t need to ask for help with this hairdo.  It is a one-person job, completed within minutes. Running late won’t be an issue anymore!


11: Amazing waterfall braids


Another wavy braided hairstyle on the list, the picturesque waterfall braids. This hairstyle is quite new and many are not familiar with it. Here is a tip to style it, you begin by braiding from the back and down in a diagonal pattern. It will keep things in place just like any other braid, all the while giving the people behind a view to behold.


12: Messy low ponytail


Styling a ponytail makes you obsess over the smallest details. You desperately want the strands to not stick out, but rather remain tucked inside seamlessly. However, with wavy hair, a sleek back ponytail could be a difficult feat without any products. This is why you need to know that a messy and wavy ponytail can also be a good hairstyle. More importantly, this hairdo won’t be too tight on the scalp and has become super popular these days.


13: High ponytail


First, the low ponytail, and the next is a high one. If you like the low ponytail then you will definitely love this. Why go through all the trouble of brushing down and straightening your hair constantly when you can quickly style this fun hairdo.


14: Twisted crown braid lob


You must have seen so many people style this hairdo. The reason behind its popularity is evident because this sure looks amazing on a lob. Styling a twisted crown braid makes your lob look effortless and fit for any summer outfit.


15: The edgy braid


For those who prefer edgy and street style, you are going to like this hairstyle. This hairdo adds a hint of masculinity into your everyday lob. It goes well when you want to do hands-on work, especially when working out. If you don’t want to braid the entire hair, you can just do a quick one-sided braid like this. Even when you are drenched in sweat, you will look good with this impressive braid!


16: Golden blond balayage


Let’s discuss some facts now. What is Balayage hair known for, BLOND HAIR! In the past, people did not know much about Balayage. Blond Balayage, it has been popular and always will be the most talked-about on any hairstyle list. Many are admitted to have gone out their way and turned their hair blond just for this Balayage! And we can see why! It is undeniably a glamorous hairdo. A Balayage hair, which could never disappoint!


17: Bohemian crown braid


An old school turned new school hairdo. This bohemian crown braid sure is difficult to style but stays one longer and looks chic under any weather. You better get this one for your next outing!


18: Wispy bangs


When you get bored with your normal full tousled waves, it would do good to add some wispy bangs to it.            Many models use this as their off duty look!


19: Bed waves


Sometimes we just want to wake up with a good hairstyle and do nothing. It would be a swift and stress-free start to our day? But, it is easier said than done. The closest you can get to natural wavy hair is by washing your hair the night before and gently blow-drying the strands with a wide-toothed comb. Neither would this technique won’t put pressure on the strands nor would it prevent the strands from flattening. This way, you get light bed waves.


20: Double buns on waves


What is the use of having luscious thick hair if you don’t style it accordingly. Either braid it or bun it up to let people know you have enough strands to get the work done and create knockout hairstyles.  For starters, you could equally divide the top half of your wavy hair into two sections. Then the next step is to wrap the hair until you make a nice circular bun at the top.  The shape of that bun will depend on the thickness of your hair, so this hairdo to showcase those flourishing strands proudly!


21: Beach waves


Beach waves, one of the most popular hairstyles of our generation. Who doesn’t love this hairdo? You see celebrities, models, social media influencers and hair experts style this look all the time. It has never disappointed them and it won’t disappoint you either. Get ready to look salon-fabulous every day with a hairstyle like this. Everyone is going to envy your look and wish they were you when you strut with it!


Slicked back waves


How do you pull off a chic wavy hairstyle? To begin, you sleek back the top half of your hair with a gel for the clean straight half, as for the lower part you keep the wavy hair as it is.  Take her as your hair inspo!


23: Layered snippets


Sometimes rocking a casual hairstyle is enough to look effortless and stunning. On a day off, layered wavy hair with bangs is a perfect new hairstyle for the day!

It’s a chic lady look!




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