Terms And Conditions May Apply

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  1. A breach of these terms shall render the ticket void and all rights conferred or evidenced by it shall be nullified.
  2. A valid ticket must be produced to get into the event.
  3. The promoter reserves the right to refuse admission and eject anyone under reasonable circumstances, or may direct a ticket holder to another part of the venue at their own discretion even after admission. A ticket holder who is refused admission, ejected or directed to another part of the venue in accordance with the Terms shall not be entitled to a refund.
  4. All ticket holders entering the Event must comply with the Event regulations at all times. Instructions given by the promoter and the security, stewards, staff and or other officials must be observed at all times.
  5. The venue will not take responsibility for the validity of the tickets purchased (including eTickets) from unauthorised agents or other sources. Ticket holders must truthfully answer any questions concerning a ticket from a steward or other authorized member of the Event. Any ticket obtained from an unauthorised or other source (e.g. internet auctions or internet ticket agents) will be rendered void and all rights of entry into the Event will be nullified. Any person seeking to use such a ticket obtained through an unauthorised source will be refused entry into the Event, ejected from the Event and will have their ticket seized by a steward, member of staff and or other official, in addition to other remedies available to the promoter.
  6. The promoter is not liable for any tickets that are lost or stolen.
  7. All ticket holders and crew agree to comply with any searches which designated Event security deem necessary to their person, vehicle, live in vehicle, luggage or equipment.
  8. Once a wristband has been issued then a re-admission policy will operate at the discretion of security staff.
  9. Only in the event of the Event being cancelled will we refund your ticket. Only the face-value of the ticket will be returned.
  10. Any person under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 25. An adult & teen ticket must be used in this case. Any persons under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 25. Any person aged 12 and under will be admitted to the Event for free but must be the holder of a 12 and Under ticket and be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 25. The will be a maximum of 4 persons under the age of 18 to 1 person aged 25 and over.
  11. It is illegal to sell alcohol or to purchase alcohol for any persons under the age of 18. The Event will operate the national Challenge 25 campaign. Staff serving alcohol will challenge any persons who they believe may be under the age of 25 and request that they produce photo identification.
  12. Photo ID may be required when purchasing alcohol. Accepted Photo ID will constitute of either a European Passport or valid UK Driving License or UK Provisional License.
  13. The promoter reserves the right to amend alter any advertised attractions at the Event. This includes the line-up, set times, traders, temporary accommodation, merchandise, promotional material and any other area deemed necessary by the promoter.
  14. The promoter may need to make an alteration to the advertised details for the performances at short notice owing to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances. If this happens then the promoter is not obliged to refund your money or exchange tickets.
  15. Where a ticket holder is in breach of these Terms, or where the promoter or event organizer believes a ticket holder constitutes a source of danger to others or to the Event or to Funkirk Estate, such ticket holder may be refused entry to or ejected from the Event, and reasonable force may be used for that purpose.
  16. You are permitted to bring alcohol for your own personal use into the camp-sites but not into the Event Arena – this is a condition of our license.
  17. No food or consumables are permitted to be taken into the Event Arena except on medical grounds; this is at the discretion of the management.
  18. The Event may be filmed or recorded. Buying a ticket affirms you consent to the filming and sound recording of yourself as a member of the audience.
  19. Professional filming of the Event by ticket holders is strictly prohibited. Photographic cameras for personal use are allowed.
  20. The promoter cannot be held responsible if any of your personal property is lost, damaged or stolen whilst at the Event.
  21. In case of emergency please follow instructions and directions from stewards, staff and or other officials.
  22. Disabled access will be clearly signposted and stewards will be at the event to guide you. Please bring your Blue Badge for the car park which will be located at Yellow Gate.
  23. There must be no climbing interference with the dry stonewalls or art installations. Please respect the Venue and leave it as clean as you found it. Recycling bins will be provided. All waste must be disposed of responsibly.
  24. Glass products are not permitted anywhere on the site, including the camping area- if you wish to bring alcohol into the campsite then please transfer into another container. Any alcohol found on persons entering the event arena will be confiscated and disposed of.
  25. No pets, sound systems, open fires, generators, Chinese-style lanterns or BBQs allowed onto the site.
  26. Lasers, strobe lights and fog vapour smoke effects may be used at the Event.
  27. Be aware music played may well be in excess of 100 decibels and prolonged exposure can cause damage to hearing, especially to young children.
  28. People with disabilities interested in using the disabled facilities at the festival should enquire direct.
  29. All large buses and/or other large vehicles over 7m in length will require written permission before they can be brought onto the site.
  30. Tents will be removed if erected in fire lanes.
  31. Beacons Festival is located on Heslaker Lane, access from the A59, Skipton only. For Sat Navs please use postcode BD23 3AB, then follow event signage. No access via Carleton Village. Please respect our neighbours and leave the site quietly.
  32. The Event has a zero-tolerance policy on illegal drugs and substances (This includes laughing gas and ‘legal’ highs). Any persons found to be taking, supplying or promoting the use of, will be evicted from the event site and passed over to North Yorkshire Police.
  33. Fireworks are not permitted on any part of the event site. Any persons found with fireworks will be evicted from the Event site.
  34. Any persons found to be interfering altering with any site Art and or Decor will be evicted from the Event site.
  35. No umbrellas, flags or foldable chairs are permitted inside any of the main stages or structures. The Event accepts no responsibility for damage caused to persons by umbrellas or flags within the Event site or Event Arena.
  36. The Event is subject to license.
  37. Rights of admission reserved.
  38. For full terms and conditions visit terms-and-conditions.
  39. If you would like further information on any of the above points.

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