Testing is underway in health, social and educational institutions

Testing is underway in health, social and educational institutions, with the first results expected early next week, the prime minister’s secretary of state for territorial administration said at an online press conference by the operational corps for the coronavirus epidemic on Thursday.

Istvan Gyorgy said: the health and social institutions carry out the testing themselves, the testing teams go to primary schools, kindergartens and nurseries. More than 2,000 undergraduates, as well as those with medical degrees, such as nurses, test, a team of two undergraduates, an administrator and a driver.
    He added that the aim of the testing is to protect people’s lives and health, on the one hand, and to get a more accurate picture of the transmission of certain professional groups, so that work can continue safely in the institutions, parents can continue to work and the Hungarian economy can continue to function.

    Testing is free and voluntary, but stakeholders are asked to participate in testing for the safety of themselves and their environment. Those who are present and submit to testing will be tested, said István György.
    According to him, the experience of testing so far is extremely positive: it reassures the staff of the affected institutions, fills them with a sense of security, and the students conducting the tests are enthusiastic and feel the weight of the task.
    He added that the first phase of testing will end on Friday, with results expected early next week, and testing will continue next week.  
    The Secretary of State noted that some parties spread false news for political gain, such as that those involved in testing do not have adequate protective gear, are not provided with meals, but this is not true. Participants will be provided with appropriate protective equipment and will be provided with meals, transportation and, if necessary, accommodation.
    István György asked the parties to refrain from obstructing the testing.

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