Thanks To The Furminator, More Time And Less Dirt And Work



We are big animal lovers. We now have three cats and two dogs and we want to leave it at that. We have removed all five animals from animal shelters in the past ten years. I would also like to advise others to just do a good deed and something for the animal world. With just a little one can make so much contribution to the improvement of animals. We have already made a good home for our five animals, that makes me very happy and fills me out. The decision to buy an animal is a great responsibility and should not be underestimated. We have laid out our garden in front of and behind the house so that the animals can roam freely there, even if we don’t have that much time for them. In any case, with so many animals at home you have more work and you always have to be aware of that. However, they give you so much back. I was able to find that especially with grateful animals from the animal shelter. It’s something very special. Also a special challenge.

Furminator makes everyday life easier when you choose an animal

Anyone who decides on an animal must have the conditions for it. An apartment that is big enough and, above all, enough time and love. I always get very angry when I see that some people just want everything, but then don’t do justice to the situation. Often the children and animals then suffer from the inability of the people in whose care they are. That is exactly what must not happen. You have to do everything possible to prevent such incidents and you have to admit to yourself that you can’t always have everything you want, because you are simply not always able to handle everything properly.

Optimal conditions start with the mindset

Years ago I bought the furminator for cats and dogs. I use it to brush all my animals as often as possible, which means I have a lot less dirt and of course less work. You have to make sure that you prepare yourself as well as possible for the animals so that you don’t look stupid afterwards because you realize that it is too much for you. Aids like this brush are a must for me! In addition, there is my total devotion to my four-legged friends. Together they make for a really nice life with the animals. 

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