The arrival of Pál Dárdai shook the team

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The return of Pál Dárdai and his debut against Frankfurt on Saturday continue to be of great concern to the German press. We have already written about getting hard conditions . Now they recalled that they started with a away win in 2015, then Mainz was their rival, now they are going to Frankfurt, which is in particularly good shape, they will not have an easy time as Eintracht won 3-1 in Berlin.



Previous coach Bruno Labbadia left Dodi Lukebakió out of the last league frame and spoke devastatingly about his work and character. Dárdai now surprised Kicker with the fact that it can happen very easily, counting on the player as a beginner. The Belgian striker was paid € 20 million in the summer of 2019, but has performed far below his capabilities so far.



“I’ve heard he’s lazy, he doesn’t do that, he doesn’t do it, now I see him as fast as a kangaroo. I can have no complaints about his work, he is motivated, he does top work, I had to hold back in the gym as well. Clearly a positive disappointment. What I’ve heard or read so far that players don’t work, I can’t confirm.



If I want to build a house, I don’t start with the roof, I want solid foundations. Workouts are important and so far I’ve seen hungry alligators who have almost devoured me. ”



Left-back Marvin Plattenhardt pointed out that during his first period he was selected between 2015 and 2019, he still sees the fire in him, although he has fallen into a noticeable ups and downs. Nor did the Polish Piatek, who came from Milan, experience any objections to his attitude. Argentine Ascacibar and the national team Löwen were also small bench players in general, for which the club paid 18 million euros, their fate may change. Anyway, it’s a luxury for such valuable players to watch the matches from the bench.

Sports director Arne Friedrich talked about how Dárdai sees into the players’ heads, looks into their eyes, feels their vibrations, knows what they mean.

“I feel like his arrival has shaken the team and this optimistic mood can accompany us. We had to shake up this company, because there was no panic, but there was disappointment, ” concluded Friedrich, with whom Dárdai played in Hertha.

By the way, Fredi Bobic denied that he would be Hertha’s sports director and Friedrich’s successor.

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