The Ascension Academy will be the methodological center of football

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The Ferenc Puskas Football Academy in Felcsút will be the methodological center of the sport. The trade union was not involved in the tender, the tender was not public – reportedThe Ministry of Human Resources (Emmi) has already concluded a framework agreement with the institution. How much they will receive has not been communicated to the ministry by the ministry. In handball, the Balatonboglár Academy (NEKA) led by Lajos Mocsai, and in basketball, the academy of Pécs led by Laszlo Ratgeber will be the sports center.





The first steps to take the lead among academies were taken by the people of Felcsút last summer, and a textbook entitled Football and Science was published. “A special feature of our academy is that it places football in the category of art. We mean football to be nothing more than a story of ingenious conjectures and inspirations. We need football players who go out on the field and do something there that no one else would have thought of. We want to get here. We already have a book, we already have science and theory, we need football players, ”Orbán said on 30 May.




The leaders of the priority academies were convened in July . At that time, Mihály Takács was the engine of this – he also noted the book – who was unexpectedly fired in October and deprived of all other positions. He had the number three membership book, but the academy did not even write his name when he wished him much success in the farewell message.



There are only rumors as to why Takács was lost, in any case the MLSZ did not ask for further cooperation either, obviously he was not in the system because of his indispensable knowledge.

The Felcsút Academy has received HUF 70 billion in public funding since 2010, and there is currently one player who has reached the level of the top leagues, Sallai Roland, who plays football in Freiburg. Orbán’s dream when it was founded in 2007 was that almost fifty top-level players would leave the academic system at the same time, and they would solve the problems of Hungarian football.

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