The Big Push – This is What you Should do When your Car Breaks Down all of a Sudden



You have to keep your car maintained at all times and get it inspected regularly. Make sure that the fluids are topped up and maintain your tires at all times. However, even with good preparation and the best intentions, things can go sideways. A car breakdown can range from a little frustrating to a direct life-threatening situation subject to the particular location and the time of the incident. In case you experience a flat tire in the middle of the road, calling the roadside assistance to change the stepony is one thing, but breaking down all of a sudden is a total shift of scenario. Car breakdowns can happen to anyone irrespective of the cost and the maintenance of the car.

What to do When Your Car Breaks Down

Cars breakdown for all possible kinds of reasons which you cannot foresee all the time. If you are experiencing a vehicle breakdown, the most important thing would be to make sure that all the co-passengers along with you stay safe and sound. Planning to drive a vehicle that is experiencing a breakdown is a riskier task. This would be even riskier if you are on a busy road and your car decides to shut down giving you a surprise. There are certain tips and tricks which you need to follow in the case of a car breakdown to stay safe.

Park the Car Away From the Road

The first step to a car breakdown is to maintain your cool without getting a panic attack. Don’t brake too hard. Remove the foot away from the accelerator and direct the vehicle to one side of the road.

Flash Emergency Lights

Keep the red reflectorized triangle safety signs to inform others about the breakdown. You can also use the emergency flashers in the car to indicate a breakdown. Make sure that you always carry reflective clothing in your vehicle. By keeping reflective clothing with you, it will help you when you step out of your car to repair the vehicle.

Call For Help When Your Break Down

If the problem with the breakdown is a flat tire, it can be taken care of without any external help. You have to be safe and look out for any vehicles while you are changing the tire. However, if the car is beyond repair, the only ideal option would be to seek professional help. You can call up agencies who can come to the breakdown spot to offer you their services. The best thing about these services is that they do not charge you for travel.

You will be paying only for the services they offer. The professionals will always be one call away. Stay in your car with all the doors locked till the agents arrive with the tool kits. The agents can take care of problems such as flat tire, towing of the vehicle, dead battery and other battery problems, refueling, and many other options. The agents normally carry auto parts that can be used for all models. The price of these services is also cheap and you will not be overcharged. The agents specialize in breakdowns and can help you in getting the vehicle back on the road in no time.

Emergency Kit

One of the best ways to keep yourself safe during a breakdown is by maintaining an emergency kit. By maintaining an emergency kit, it will be easy for you to take care if any one of your co-passengers gets hurt by any chance. The emergency kit would include a first aid kit, a replacement battery, a spare tire, and water. This kit can help you perform minor repairs. Although breakdowns can take place at any time, regular maintenance can help you avoid general cases of breakdown and helps the car to function smoothly. Make sure that your vehicle is serviced at regular intervals and never ignore any kind of warning lights on the dashboard of your vehicle.

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