The Difference Between BHO Shatter and Wax

Where smoking once ruled the roost in cannabis circles, dabbing and vaping is rapidly becoming the most popular method of intake. Numerous specialists predict sales of concentrates will exceed bud in the near future and it’s not hard to see why– the strength, depth of flavor and variety of uses that concentrates bring to the table simply can’t be beat.

If this is surprising to you, then let’s go through what you need to know about concentrates and the differences between its most popular kinds– BHO Shatter and Wax.

What are Concentrates?

As you can most likely guess from the name alone, concentrates are extracts of raw flower, developed through separating the resin glands from the rest of the leaf material. This can be attained with a range of approaches, a few of which you could even try in your home!

Usually, they can sit at between 50% to as high as 90% THC, making them significantly more powerful than any bud on the market.

What is BHO?

While concentrates like Shatter and Wax can be made in several ways, BHO refers to one specific approach– Butane extraction. Essentially, the cannabis plant is stripped of its trichomes (including its cannabinoids and terpenes) with some kind of solvent, in this case butane. This creates a thick, sticky and almost syrupy substance known as Hash or Honey Oil.

Though it might be apparent, we must discuss that we do not suggest utilizing this technique at home. Butane is an exceptionally unsafe and flammable substance that needs to be dealt with by trained professionals. The place to get BHO Honey Oil is your regional local dispensary.

If you ‘d like to attempt your hand at making concentrates safely, take a look at our guide to Honey Oil for information on ice water extraction.

No matter how the Hash Oil is made, you’re merely entrusted the painful choice on what to turn it into. In the 15 years since the widespread intro of concentrates, the options have actually become unlimited, with Shatter, Budder, Resins, Crumbles, Wax and much more appearing.

Through this mayhem, two contenders have actually clearly risen to the top in appeal– Shatter and Wax.

Being a few of the first concentrates, they have dominated the market– but which is finest? Let’s have a look at each individually …


Shatter is possibly the simplest concentrate, as it is generally the result of simply allowing the Honey Oil to cool. What you’re left with is a translucent, amber concentrate really comparable to hard candy or perhaps stained glass.

The specific product can differ depending on the exact approach used to make the honey oil, in addition to the type of solvent used (if any).

In general though, you’re left with a highly stable product– you can even snap pieces off yourself!


If you’re following the marijuana calling conventions so far, you can most likely guess why Wax is named the way it is.

If the oil is agitated or whipped throughout the extraction procedure then instead of the glass-like type of shatter, it’ll cool into a candlewax-ish compound.

The consistency of Wax can differ massively nevertheless, based on just how much it was agitated during the procedure. It can come out like anything from butter to honeycomb to wax– which is probably why “Wax” and “Budder” can be used interchangeably.

So which is better?

Actually, it’s all to individual choice!

As you can see, there’s not a huge quantity of difference in the making process and for that reason the item will have similar THC levels. Both are quickly utilized with dab devices and will provide a more powerful, longer-lasting high than any bud can accomplish. The most significant option factors are texture, storage factors to consider and stability.

Though texture isn’t especially relevant if you’re dabbing them, for edibles you’ll obviously wish to stick with Wax– especially if they’re entering a baked food.

In regards to stability, Shatter will deteriorate far slower than its counterpart. So, if you are normally an infrequent user then you ought to think about shatter.

For those buying in bulk, you know that storing marijuana can be challenge. So much so we composed an entire short article about it. If you likewise fight with storing your stash, understand that Wax is substantially much easier. Due to it’s butter like consistency, Wax is much simpler to handle, measure and utilize– that makes it ideal for any suggested storage container.

Conversely, the brittleness of Shatter means any drop or hard knock can trigger it to … well … shatter. This might make dabbing or vaping with it far more annoying, so it’s absolutely something to consider.

Lastly, if you do choose to make it in the house, we would advise you go for Wax over Shatter for your first attempt. Getting the precise consistency and stability essential to make Shatter can be a little finicky, to say the least. But there’s no commitment to be as careful with Wax– any consistency works!

How do I use them?

Unsurprisingly, provided the many varieties of cannabis you have to pick from, there’s just as many methods– if not more– to utilize it than you most likely know what to do with.

Dabbing is the most common method to take in concentrates and, in many methods, the easiest. It does need some upfront financial investment, in the form of a dab rig, however it’s well worth it. The dab rig will totally vaporize the concentrate, enabling you to breathe in the vapor through the mouth piece for some seriously strong hits. Dab rigs can be quite sizeable tools though, in both size and cash.

A typical alternative are Vape pens, which are rapidly becoming the main way to consume concentrates. Vape pens are small, portable and pretty unnoticeable.

If these ideas are too obvious for you through, attempt sprinkling little pieces on top of the flower in a joint to actually bring things up a notch.

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