The Elephant and Tailor Story

Elephant and Tailor Story

Babu Rao lived in Janaki Pur, Babu Rao Ji stitched clothes for many years and he earned a lot of names for this work. He had a son named Chunnu, a very naughty child. In the same village, there was an elephant who lived in Janaki Nagar and his name was Bahubali. The elephant passed through the village daily and then used to bathe in the lake, The people of that village loved Bahubali very much and the people of the village gave many fruits to the elephant to eat and in return he blessed everyone. Babu Rao used to feed bananas to Bahubali and he used to bless Babu Roo.

One day Babu Rao told his son, the son is going out of work in Chunnu, do not stay mischievous at home, and do not do mischief.

Then Chunnu said that these bananas have to be given to Bahubali again, why do you eat the same thing every day, there is no other word for the villagers, they are fat by feeding them every day, let me come today, let me tell them like this I will teach a lesson that he will not come back here, saying that he ate all the bananas.

So Bahubali came there and he put his sniffer forward, Chunnu said, “Come and come, I was sitting for you, feeding you bananas every day. Am I crazy like my father? Now I taste a needle and thrust it.” Stung her sniff. Poor Bahubali shouted as he left, Then he went to the pond and started taking bath, but he was feeling very pain, he was also screaming loudly, after some time his pain subsided but he was also very angry.

The Angerness Of The Elephant

Elephant: He has to teach a lesson ………… !!!!!

Then he filled mud with water in his trunk and walked away from it, then he came and stood in Chunnu’s courtyard. Chunnu said, “What’s the matter, you have not come here yet to teach a lesson, what needle can I touch again?” He jokingly said, then Bahubali poured all the mud water from his trunk on him. Chunnu and all the contents of his shop became mud and the whole yard became dirty, then Bahubali went away from him.

Then Babu Rao came back and he asked, what happened, how did everything become so dirty? Then Chunnu told the whole thing to Papa, Babu Rao said, “You made a big mistake, this kind of behavior with a dumb creature is a very wrong thing. Now let’s walk away apologizing, Chunu said to the elephant, forgive me, friend, I made a big mistake. I knew that do not treat dumb animals like this.

I will never do this again like you and friends from today, he gave bananas to Bahubali. Bahubali ate bananas with great pleasure. And blessed Chunnu, Chunnu and Bahubali became very good friends from that day.

Moral Of The Elephant and Tailor Story

So the moral of this Elephant and Tailor Story is that we should never hurt dumb animals, we should always treat animals around us with love and respect. The trouble we face is the same as those of animals. We should provide food for hungry animals around us and water for thirsty birds.

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