The Final Verdict About E-cigs And How Safe They Are



Let’s not kid ourselves here – due to the meteoric rise of the vaping industry, there is a lot of misinformation about e-cigs in general that a great many people out there have unfortunately fallen prey to. There are enough false articles out there on the Internet that will go out of their way to make you believe that it is fraught with all kinds of health risks across the board. For the most part, the information is false, although this is not to imply that smoking e-cigs is completely free of any kind of health problems. On the whole, it can be very hard and frustrating for most enthusiastic newbies who want to give vaping a try to sift through all of the false information and lies just to get to the real facts. In this regard, it won’t even matter whether you are looking for a Pax 3 in Australia or all sorts of vaporizers by Aussie Vapez or any other service.

Additionally, it would be useful to keep in mind that last year was the first time that a detailed and comprehensive study of vaping was done. This revealed that cancer risk from vaping was much less as compared to those who didn’t switch and continued to smoke cigarettes. So what is the final verdict on e-cigs then? Let us go through a few vital points to find out:-

They Are Still Banned In Quite A Few Countries Out There

Even to this day, there are countries that come down hard on e-cig vendors and users resulting in hefty fines and even imprisonment. This is primarily due to a lack of knowledge and research about vaping, but things are certainly changing on the awareness front.

There Is Still A False Narrative Going Around That Smoking Is Safer

Yes, hard as this may be for some of you to believe, this is indeed true. Since (in a few cases) vaping leads to hardcore smoking, many people have jumped on the bandwagon proclaiming vaping to be even more harmful. Rest assured that this isn’t the case at all.

People Are Still Ignorant About How Harmful Tobacco Is

The main reason why an e-cig is substantially less harmful than a cigarette, is because it does not contain any tobacco. Not to say that an e-cig is completely harmless, but switching from smoking to vaping will certainly have some initial health benefits.

The Main Fear Is That Vaping Will Inevitably Lead To Smoking

Although this is true in the case of a few people, it has not been the case for the large majority. On the whole, enough studies, in general, have proven that amongst the regular users of vaporizers in Australia, the number of people converting into full-time smoking remains relatively low. All in all, there is little cause for worry.

The Recent Few Years Have Seen Many Countries Legalising E-cigs

In this regard, Canada and New Zealand have seen a substantial reversal on laws concerning vaping and there is enough evidence that other countries are following suit and looking to legalise vaping.

At the end of the day, the main fact to keep in mind is that even though vaping is not completely free of health issues, it is still much better than smoking cigarettes. That is the bottom line that you need to remember amongst all the misinformation and fake propaganda that has been portrayed by the Tobacco giants trying to show smoking in a less negative light. If you are looking to quit smoking for good, nothing like it. Although very few people achieve this task and find it easier to start vaping instead. Rest assured that doing this will also ensure that you lead a more healthier life than when you were smoking. More and more people are beginning to quit smoking for vaping, and as long as it is done in moderation, that is perfectly fine.

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